Poll of polls – your favourite The Sims 3 world.

Written by moza

I’ve gone retro, and reinstalled The Sims 3.  I forgot how much I love it!

Of course, that led to a discussion on what our favourite worlds were.  And as you can imagine, we all had different choices.   So, to get a definitive answer,  Platinum Simmers presents The Sims 3 poll of polls, voting for your favourite The Sims 3 world.

Including the World Adventure world’s, there are twenty one to choose from! So all this week,  we’ll post regular Twitter polls asking you for your favourite out of a choice of each time.

Then, next weekend, the seven winners, plus the highest scoring runner up will go head to head.

So, time to think, what’s your favourite?

Vote on the Platinum Simmers twitter page – here!

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