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Pools, more awesome than I expected!

Written by sww

I got to see a pools in action in a stream hosted by @SimGuruGraham and @SimGuruSteph. To summarize: pools are more awesome than ever, builders are going to love them.

 Create a Sim

Create a Sim is quite basic. There are cute suits that include top/bottoms and full suits for women. Not too many outfits but there are speedos for men! Time to make a hottie in the game 😉 They also included new face makeup that is sunscreen on the face in areas it is needed! The nose for example. If you don’t like the bathing suits options, you can use a formal glittery dress (because why not) as your swimsuit by removing the category in CAS and selecting the outfit you want.

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Placing pools

If you are already used to placing rooms, then placing pools is easy. There are also corner units that help you create art pieces with the pool tool and they seamlessly blend into exiting pool pieces. Stephanie showed us how easy it is, even I can do it! My pools in previous games were always simple rectangles, but I think I will have octagonals in The Sims 4 instead. Also because they give a pre-set octagonal shape and it looks super easy.

Also, you can pick up the pool and move it like you can do with rooms/houses. That move tool just makes (The Sims) life so easy.


Here comes the awesome part, raise the foundation a click or two, then place the pool on it. Absolutely no problem,  it could simply not look more simple. Then if you want a raised pool randomly on your lot, that is possible too. Stephanie showed us a way, if you build a single wall with a raised foundation and then build the pool next to it, then you can remove the wall and you have a free standing raised pool. It just needs a little bit of foundation next to the pool for the stairs, otherwise your Sims cannot actually use the pool.


Walls have height… pools have depth! You can have regular depth that we’re used from previous games to scary deep. A deeper pool does not help your Sims drown faster though. It just looks awesome.

Indoor pools

Placing a pool inside is just as easy as placing it outside, click and drag. Then place windows on the side and you have an amazing looking house. This screenshot I was sent made my jaw drop, it is gorgeous (and is now my desktop wallpaper!)


Pool Objects

The objects that are included in this patch are limited I will say. Ladder, pool light and some decoration for the floor – though a family member will LOVE the turtle decoration. A feature here that is also just so simple and easily missed how great it is:  You can place ladders on a diagonal angle as easily as on a regular angle.

Fenced pools

Placing a fence around a pool is easily done, though I will not ask your reason for doing this! You have a legitimate reason right? Not just one that is covered by the next topic.

Death by Drowning

I think the death by drowning animation is probably the most heart breaking and creepy one of all the deaths we’ve had in the entire franchise. At the end the Sim just lies in the water and it’s really creepy. Probably a compliment to the animation team that it is too disturbing for me to ever consider killing my Sims by drowning. With the fenced pool it is probably the easiest death though.

We couldn’t see the ghost in our stream but they create puddles. I hope the livestream later today shows it off well.

Gameplay, skills, and emotional swimming

While pools are probably a dream for builders, it also comes with gameplay! Sims can socialize in groups inside the pool just like on land. They can sit on the side of the pool and talk with each other and splash at each other adult Sims can coach children in swimming. Children get motor skill from swimming and I think teens/adults/elders get fitness from it. Your Sims can just swim normally but they can also swim laps,

Then there are emotions, there are animations for regular, angry, playful and sad swimming! The playful animation is brilliant!


Final bits

Personally I had hoped for a new Social Event that is a pool party, but unfortunately there is no official social event for it.

Sims can pee in the pool… yeah, really.

Sims don’t need a ladder to jump into or climb out of the pool.

You can place any wall or floor on the walls/floors of the pool. The update also comes with a few new options for walls/floors.

As you can see in the screenshots, the water looks beautiful!


The Sims 4 has been criticized so much for not including pools from the start, we’re now only 2 months further and got a fantastic implementation of pools. I think the ghost, pool and the future career update shows that The Sims Studio wants to give us the best game they can. Both ghosts and pools exceeded my expectations in fun. Ghosts are fun and pools look so easy to build that I am not scared of using them.

Pools exceeded my expectations in how simple it is to use and the cute animations. It feels like worthy of the fourth generation of this feature.

What do you think of pools? Are you happy with them? You can see them yourselves in a livestream in a few hours!

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