Saturday Night at the Movies

While my sims were awaiting the chance to attend Uni, they got a chance to go to the cinema.  What better way to inspire them towards a communications degree? Screenshot-36 Le Cinema Plumbob is the new venue released in the Sims Store.  As well as a gorgeous Art Deco style cinema, it offers two intriguing premium items – a huge, wall size cinema screen and a new entry system, that allows you to configure any venue to allow just the sims you want. The cinema is on a 40×40 lot – which is great after some of the odd sized lots EA has given us in expansion packs.  It has two screens, a patio and an upstairs bar.  These four areas give you an idea how the ticket and entry system works, as each section is only accessible with the correct coloured ticket. Screenshot-595 Screenshot-594 The Barrier to Entry system consists of three parts, which can be used either alone or in combination.  The door and the barrier gate work in the same way, by allowing you to specify, under a number of different categories which vary depending on the EPs installed.  The ticket machine gives an extra layer of configuration, by selling coloured tickets, costing §10 each, and valid for 18 hours.  The options can be set in either buy mode, by shift+control clicking on the door or gate, or during play.  This means that you can have a girlie night, watching a chick flick, without the lads interrupting.  Or, for the men, keep the women away from the bachelor party.  And if you really want to exclude the creepy dude from next door, just forget to tell him which colour ticket he needs!



The cinema screen is 6 tiles wide, and floor to ceiling height.  The only options on it are movies, and depending on which one you watch, you get different moodlets.  Trying to get your date in the mood?  Watch a rom com for a feely frisky moodlet.  Want a laugh?  Comedy movies give a funny stuff boost. Screenshot-593 Having worked in a couple of old, Art Deco designed buildings myself, I love the design, layout and attention to detail on this one.  The downstairs bars have sweets and snacks on display, and there’s office areas which could be locked off for storytelling purposes.  The floors look like marble, and the red drapes and upholstery are perfect.  There’s also a lot of space to build and expand your own designs. Screenshot-598 Screenshot-597 The rest of the CC that comes with it is mostly specifically themed to a cinema, although would work well for a home cinema, or a themed Late Night or Showtime venue as well.  As for the clothes, well, I like the men’s jackets, the dress, for young adults, adults and elders is pretty, but looks odd on anything other than slim sims, and as for the ladies’ top… did I miss the message that pussycat bows are back in fashion?


One thing to remember about the cinema – it is a venue.  It’s a destination, somewhere for your sims to hang out and date.  It’s not a rabbit hole, and doesn’t have the career or opportunities associated with it.  It’s not a problem, just something to keep in mind. I’d say that, of all the venues released via the store, this is a strong contender for my favourite!  I can see my sims spending a lot of time there!

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