Showcase Sunday

Showcase Sunday

Written by sww

Every other Sunday we are going to feature the amazing creations in The Sims community! We’ll be featuring all the awesome stuff this community makes, including (but not limited to) Screenshots, Stories, Videos, Mods, Households, Houses and Rooms.

This showcase is also not limited to just The Sims 4, it can be The Sims 1, 2, 3, Medieval, SimCity, MySims. Anything related to The Sims/SimCity.

If you want your creations featured in this new article series there are a few ways to alert us to it. Also, if you didn’t create it yourself and do think there are creations out there worth featuring, let us know!


For Households, Lots and Rooms use the hashtag #PShowcase in the description of your creation.



Tweet your creations/images to @PlatinumSimmers and let us know where we can download it. Including #PShowcase will definitely help too, we’re keeping an eye on that hashtag. Do not be surprised that we will RT these throughout the weeks too.


You can post your creations comment on any of our posts or  on our timeline. Not only will we see it, but anyone who checks out our timeline will too.


If you’re a pinner, you can use the #PShowcase hashtag on there, too. Let us know which boards you’re adding them to and we’ll follow you. If you want to add to the group boards, follow the PS Pinterest account and let us know which boards you’d like to be added to.


You can always email us on [email protected] to share your creations with us.

If you prefer another method to let us know about your creations, let us know!

Showcase Sunday

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