SimCity Amusement Park is Almost Here

We knew it wouldn’t be long before Maxis starting rolling out DLC. Their first paid for content set, SimCity Amusement Park, is set to release on Origin May 28th. An official price hasn’t been announced by Maxis yet, but it’s rumored to cost around $9.99 USD.

This new content set will come with main and secondary attractions, as well as concession stands. Like with the service buildings and casinos, you’ll be able to plop down extra buildings to beef up your parks such as: park gates, signs, benches, and even a mini train station to name a few.

Although this set will work somewhat how landmarks and casinos do, you’ll earn money from your amusement parks much differently. You earn simoleons when tourist ride your attractions and purchase goods from the concession stands, which means the layout of your park is important if you want to make decent profits. Like with the university buildings in SimCity, you’ll be able to plop attractions and concession stands along a custom service road.

We hope to continue to see new and innovative gameplay in future DLC.



Image Source: Official SimCity Blog


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