SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Screenshots and Videos!

Here is a huge collection of all the screenshots and videos I took today:



Disaster Screenshots

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Spark_2013-11-08_19-08-12 Spark_2013-11-08_19-07-30 Spark_2013-11-08_19-05-43 Spark_2013-11-08_18-59-38 Spark_2013-11-08_18-59-26 Spark_2013-11-08_18-56-35 Spark_2013-11-08_18-51-01 Spark_2013-11-08_18-51-00 Spark_2013-11-08_18-44-28 Spark_2013-11-08_18-39-13 Spark_2013-11-08_18-37-29 Spark_2013-11-08_18-35-30 Spark_2013-11-08_18-35-27 Spark_2013-11-08_18-35-25 Spark_2013-11-08_18-35-06 Spark_2013-11-08_18-33-52 Spark_2013-11-08_18-26-48 Spark_2013-11-08_18-25-58 Spark_2013-11-08_18-23-32 Spark_2013-11-08_18-23-27 Spark_2013-11-08_18-23-25 Spark_2013-11-08_18-22-10 Spark_2013-11-08_18-20-49 Spark_2013-11-08_18-13-35

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