SimCity Cities of Tomorrow trailer! + Breakdown of the trailer

You can see the trailer here and it looks awesome!


The fancy buildings look a lot like The Sims 3 Into the Future buildings

  • No flying cars
  • Elevated trains over traffic
  • Drones that do deliveries and provide services
  • Huge mega towers (8 stories) that can have modules, housing up to 10k population.
  • There is an evil corporation (makes omega out of ore and coal, infects buildings into high earners but could bring down the city )
  • Can play with friends who do not have the EP
  • Future buildings are unlocked by placing Research Academy (it is like the France/GB/Germany buildings we had before)
  • Garbage building that zaps garbage out of existance
  • Power generator that gets power out of water
  • Ground scrubbers that turn ground pollution and radioactivity to air pollution that blows away with the wind (yay!!)
  • 4 new maps for free
  • No offline mode
  • No larger maps.
  • Release on November 12th.


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