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SimCity Insider Blog: Global Market

A new SimCity Insider blog just went up, it explains the principles of the global market, a feature I am very excited about myself! I love trading in other games and cannot wait to see the possibilities that we will get in SimCity. The blog mentions making metal, but it doesn't really give any details as to what that means exactly – can metal be used to make cars? Hammers? Buildings? The potential for that one little comment seems huge and open to much speculation at this point in time…..we'll keep you posted if we hear anything else about this nugget of information!


The prices of resources are not fixed, but are based on player-driven market activity. If more cities are selling than buying, then the prices of goods will drop. Conversely, the price will rise if the buyers outnumber the sellers.

The Global Market is optional. If you want to isolate your city from the rest of the world then you don’t need to place a Trade Depot. However, keep in mind that resources are limited. If your electricity is being generated by coal or oil then you will need to shift to renewable energy sources when you exhaust your regional supply.

For the entire blog go here (needs an origin account): THE BUSINESS OF THE GLOBAL MARKET

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