SimCity Interview with Derrick Schneider

The SimCity site has posted an interview with Online Engineering Lead Derrick Schneider, he and his team makes sure that cities will properly interact with each other.

The SimCity website posted an interview with Online Engineering Lead Derrick Schneider

Every successful city starts with amazing architects. Yep, even digital cities. That’s why the team at Maxis has chosen the best and brightest developers to create the new SimCity coming to PCs in February 2013. Who are these people? Glad you asked, actually! In our new on-going interview series, we’ll be profiling the creative forces behind your favorite city-builder. First up is our Online Engineering Lead Derrick Schneider.

Read the entire interview here: GETTING TO KNOW: DERRICK SCHNEIDER


After I read this interview I asked a question myself on twitter:


me: @derricks how long has Simcity been in development? Must have been a long time!

D: @swwSims In September/October, I will have been on the team for 3 years, but it predates me by half a year probably.


Ask your own questions to him using @derricks on twitter, or ask here in the comment section and we will ask for you 🙂