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The Sims 4 – Discover University – Buy/Build

Written by deagh

EA was kind enough to give us an early access code for The Sims 4 Discover University pack. Views are entirely our own.

The Discover University pack sends your Sims to college, so much of the pack is all about going to class and the new socials and how all of that affects your Sims’ lives. This pack certainly delivers there – my Sims and I have barely begun to explore university life – but it is also chock full of stuff for all of the builders and decorators out there! Let’s have a look at the buy and build offerings, shall we? Don’t worry – we’ll be looking at CAS; it’s just enough stuff to merit its own post. This is a really big pack, y’all.

Build Mode

First let’s look at build mode. The university buildings at both University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute have a distinct look and feel about them, and the buy and build objects follow those themes.

It’s obvious that the doors and windows are meant to blend in with the university campus buildings, but these objects look good with many of the base game and other pack build mode objects. Some of the windows have a mid-century modern look about them and will add a lot to that type of build. Overall, the build mode items will allow you to not only customize your universities to your liking, but will also add variety to your other home and community lots as well.

Buy Mode

Many of the buy mode objects are meant to be used in the residence halls, but they will fit well in your Sims’ homes, as well. My new favorite object is the ICYA chest. Unlike the previous chests that share inventory with all other chests on the lot, this one has an individual inventory. It’s meant to keep roommates’ things separate – if you’ve ever had roommates you know how important it is to have somewhere to stash your not-for-sharing stuff – but it also works to organize all their stuff. If you’re a pack rat like me (I might need it someday!) then your Sims end up with a LOT of stuff.) I ended up having one for crystals and metals, one for insects and frogs, etc. Best of all, the chests can not only be labeled, but they also have decor slots on top of them, so you can put examples of a chest’s contents on top of it for easy reference!

While the ICYA chest is a really cool item, it’s not the only buy mode thing in this pack, not by a long shot! There are new bathroom stalls, new tables, including pub height tables, and lots more. I like the versatility some of these items have. There is a banner between two poles, and it’s two objects: one pole with the banner, then a separate pole. It’s set up this way so you can choose how many banners and poles you want. You can have a single banner between two poles, or two banners between three, or more! You can tell that some thought went into making the objects work in different setups.

I’m also glad to see the return of the wall shower. It’s intended to go in the communal dorm showers, but it also adds versatility to the home bathroom setup as well. You could do a wet room with half walls, you can make your own custom shower stalls, or you could have your Sims’ little fishy friends keep them company while they shower. So many possibilities!


If you’re like me, you are reading this review to help you with a particular decision: “Should you buy this thing or not?” Well, only you can make that decision, but I will say that this pack has a lot of buy and build mode to offer. Those of you who like to build and decorate will be very pleased with the additions offered by Discover University, both on their own and also for how they fit in to the rest of the game.

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