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Some nice university tips!


Unlike the Grade School and High School, the University (and Community College) will have several classes each day, allowing it to teach more students than it can hold at once. The two things that are directly affected by the number of students taught per day are the level of the building and the amount of industrial skill produced. The more students that are able to get to the university, the more it will level up, allowing for additional wings to be placed; which in turn increases the student capacity allowing for even more students. Each student that has been taught that day also contributes to the high tech industrial skill that provides educated workers, allowing more high tech buildings to be supported.

Didn’t know we could get fraternities!


Another hidden effect of simply having a university in your city is the appearance of fraternities. These rare and specialized residences may crop up in high valued land, but only as low density. Rather than housing family units, they exclusively house potential students, more than a comparably sized family house would normally hold. There can be up to five fraternities in any given University city, but that is the maximum that will ever be built. Once they are gone they will be replaced with regular houses so guard them well and if you want to keep them be careful with density upgrades near them. Their rarity will make keeping them or even spotting quite the challenge.


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