SimGurus acting strange – The Sims 4

Written by Annabelli_22

The SimsGurus on twitter have started to act really strange since yesterday.
We will know more today (wednesday) at 6pm GMT. Since they link to their youtube page, it’s most likely some sort of announcement trailer

It’s like they are possessed or brainwashed. There seems to be only one Simguru that is still safe, SimGuruLyndsay

Below we collected a few of the tweets, mostly with images, maybe we can spot something new (aside from the weird open eyes and postures, if those types of images creep you out, scroll all the way down where we have collected things we think are new)



SimGuruLyndsay said she was hiding and has managed to not be affected by what ever is going on. It may ber her new colander hat, but she isn’t sure.

She did confirm they aren’t zombies and she knows there are aliens on Sixam, but hasn’t seen them around where she is. “where she is” sounds like a new world perhaps.
we know something will be revealed today, at 6pm GMT, on youtube. So keep an eye on that!

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