Sims 3 Sweet Treats Live Chat Impressions

We’ve been checking out the new Katy Perry Sweet Treats pack. Today we present our impressions of the pack so far, based on the live chat on April 12th and other information that’s been released so far, and tomorrow we’ll post full details of our exclusive interview with Jenn and King. Watch this space!

So most of the community, including me, is wondering: what will this stuff pack bring for me. I am not a (big) fan of Katy Perry but I can see why her style works with Sims 3, The Sims 3 can be a game full on fantasy (vampires/unicorns) and Katy Perry’s Candyland theme is also very fantasy.

For this pack Katy Perry made a Simlish version of TGIF it is on the pop channel of a stereo in game. In the chat it was also mentioned that Katy Perry herself was very integrated in the process of making the pack.

This pack has so much more content than you would find in a stuff pack – loads more clothing, furniture, and other items for your Sims’ homes. And even 3 new venues made by SimGuruGraham.

“If you are a Sims player you are going to like some of the items, if you are a Katy Perry fan you are also going to like them. If you are both you are going to be just floored. There is something for everybody. “ – SimGuruJenn

After this chat I am slowly getting more convinced that there is enough content for me to like. Have a look for yourself:



Really cool bar with a picnic table in the shape of a candy bar.



Freezer bunny fountain.



Banasplit couch would not fit in my own game, but would it in yours? Also spot the 1 non-Sweet Treats item.



Short dress with typical katy perry stenciles but also a plain version for normal games.



Also some evening wear, like the high slit shiny and sparkly dress. This has to be my favourite dress we have seen so far.



With this candy dress you can see that there is a lot of 3d details to it



Male costume



New cotton candy lounge chairs will work with everything.


New firework effects, available in the buymode.


Some of the clothing is available in swimwear.

Facts mentioned in the chat:
5 hairs in the game
Cookie burret can be turned into a regular burret
Simgurugraham built the venues
There is a hair that is meant to be fake hair – a wig.
Clothing is for young adult and adult only, mostly female but there is a male piece.
No new interactions.

See the album for all the images from Sweet Treats so far, and as a special treat we made this gif from a Live Chat moment that made us laugh (Click on it to see the animation):


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to read our full interview with Jenn and King!

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