SimsCamp blog – day 1 Monday

Today was really just a travelling day, as I am from The Netherlands myself it was a very easy journey to get to Cologne. It was suppose to be a 2 train journey, turned into a 4 train journey because there will always be some delays or cancelled trains. Made my connection and arrived in Cologne. Here are some pictures of trains, first is a typical dutch double decker train. The 2nd picture is the ICE train (international train between NL and Germany).



At Cologne station I was greeted by nice people with the Sims 4 logo on the car.


Drove to the hotel and again got greeted by lots of The Sims 4 and Sims Camp logos. Even in my room!



Met up with a few Simmers you might know to have dinner, here is a picture. Which ones do you recognize? 😉


We were a big group (24 in total) that had dinner together and there was only 1 waiter for the restaurant we picked… poor guy but that happens, we tipped him well and he missed his last bus cause of us… whoops.

Short blog and not very Sims centered, will be much better tomorrow!

I’m so so so excited for tomorrow, do not forget to skip work/school and watch the EA press conference at 3pm UK / 4pm Europe / 7am PT / 10am ET. You can watch it live here:  http://live-event.ea.com/gamescom/

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