SimsCamp – give us your questions! + giveaway

In exactly a week we will have the EA press conference with the first glimpse of the The Sims 4. To say we are excited is a massive understatement.

As I will be attending SimsCamp and have a chance to talk with SimGurus (producers, designers, marketing, etc) I want to have your questions!

They can be questions about:

  • The Sims 4;
  • The Sims 3 Into the Future;
  • or anything you want to know from the SimGurus themselves (for instance, what is a typical day in the office).

Please post them in the comment section below or email them to [email protected].

Also please keep in mind that for many things, they may not be able to give answers (yet). Like: ‘How many expansion packs will The Sims 4 have’ or “will you recreate this ‘EP’ from The Sims 2/3 exactly”. We just won’t get answers to that 🙂 But you CAN ask things like “Will I be actively involved in earning the money for my Sims” (professions/OfB)


Thanks to EA UK we have two sets of wristband + plumbob USB stick to give away. We thought as we want your questions, that we would give you an extra incentive for sharing your questions with us!


We will give one to the person with the most original question and one will be picked randomly from all the submissions.

Cannot wait to see all your questions 😀

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  • My question is regarding Sims 4. Although most of us do pick up the Sims games to actually “Play with life,” we should be honest enough to admit that we do- at times- torture and even kill our sims. In the Sims3, each death was represented by a different color (burned to death-red, form example), my question is, what0if anything- will you be changing or adding to the death factor of the Sims4? Also, in Sims3, you made it much harder to “kill off” your sims. We could no longer delete a latter in the swimming pool and watch them drown. Will you be making it increasingly more difficult with each addition to the game? Just a thought- it would make as a nice add on, if at one point, we could play as the grim reaper. I would adore a grim reaping family…and imagine the possibilities….half grim half human babies…

  • My question is about The Sims 4. In the Sims 3, we’ve been able to do all kinds of things with the Lifetime Rewards, such as cloning, age freezing, etc. Will we be able to do a lot of the same things in the Sims 4?

    Also, are they gonna be updating the Lifetime Reward/Wish system? Is it gonna be similar or something else entirely?

  • how will our sims discover the future will they have to follow some clues to get there or will it just be another town?

  • i would love to have a bit of all the previous Sims games in the Sims 4: In Sims the first one i loved the interactions with the Sims when they went to the restaurants, footsies under the table, and cuddling in the booths, the Sim Waitress and waiters,And the old bitty with the purse that would bop your Sims if she thought the actions were to risky for her liking, and the way you could move from one house to another without starting the game over, In Sims 2 i loved the open for business feature where the people would come into your business and rate it then you get discounts around town if your business was better, In Sims 3 i loved the fact you can make things match! It would be great to have a little bit of all 3 in the New Sims 4 thanks for reading

  • Will routing AI be vastly improved, and sims able to figure out alternate routes and how to avoid becoming stuck, or will they still all jam up together, stand there tapping their feet, and complaining for hours.

    Will we have complete control over what types of Sims spawn (As in the case of supernaturals or horses, unicorns, etc.) and whether we want them in our game or not.

    Will there be another memory system, and -if so- will it be a vast improvement on the “Scrapbook” type of system we have now, but rarely use, and with less bloating to our save files.

    Will there be true illnesses, and deaths caused by illnesses.

    Will sims still have favorite foods, colors, music, etc…. and will they actually mean something. For example, will sims that like blue want blue things? Will Sims that love hot dogs have cravings for hot dogs?

    Will Pregnancy be more realistic and gradual? Will cravings influence moods?
    Will pregnancy heavy sims refuse to do certain things, or want to do things that give them comfort. Will their mates/spouses be attentive to their changing moods and want to make them happy?

    Will pregnant sims be able to wear any clothing that is in-game.

    Will sims have phobias, fears, nightmares? Will they react appropriately to them?

    Will there be more dynamic or realistic relationships, especially in the family home? Sisters acting like sisters, brothers like brothers brothers and sisters acting like brother and sister. Children looking up to the older siblings, older siblings being protective of younger siblings, etc.

    Will Sims know and recognize another sim is related to them, even distantly, and react appropriately? (Think of holidays and relations you only see once a year)

    Will a Sims friends know, recognize, and act appropriately -or not- towards another sim that is their friend’s enemy?
    Will there be more activities for parents and children, such as a mother/father and child baking cookies together, going on fishing trips, camping trips, parents teaching children acceptable behaviors, or autonomously asking them what is wrong, and comforting them when they are upset.

    Will children be able to ask advice, introduce fiances, share their dreams for their future.

    Will parents “Want” their child to enter certain professions and then brag about it?

    Will family meal times times be slower, more social occasions (If we want them to be)

    Will there be seasons in the base game, as well as holidays?

    Will Birthdays actually mean something- for example, can other Sims buy presents just for the birthday sim, or invite them to dinner for their birthday.

    Will Sims anticipate holidays and birthdays, look forward to them or dread them, etc.

    Will aging be gradual, or will they still “Pop Up” into the new age.

    Will Sims actually take care of themselves, their needs, and the needs of their children, if we don’t intervene, and more intelligently?

    Will Elders be given greater roles, and more realistic looks and movements, based on how hard or easy their lives have been?

    Will we have greater choices in clothing for elders.

  • Regarding For The Sims 4. I Would Like To Ask If They Are Gonna Make Not Rabbit Holes Lots. It Would Be More Enjoyable To Play If The Other Community Lots Are Not Rabbit Holes Because Its Showing That You Are Really Playing With Them Like In Real Life. The Sims Motto Is Play With Life Right? :).

  • Regarding For The Sims 4 I Would Like To Ask If They Are Gonna Make Non – Rabbit Holes Lot Because It Will Be More Enjoyable If You Play With Them Like Real Life You Are Really Relate To Your Own Life.

  • regarding for the sims 4, i would like to ask about building mode. Are there any curve walls and windows just like the swimming pool?. will it be more easier to build high end houses?the community lots like municipality hall, hospitals, etc. are there any updates about that, unlike just rabbitholes, can we see through it?
    and for the whole game, what are the big differences between the sims 3 and 4?

  • I have questions for The Sims 4
    1. Will there be a new life stage? such as young kid, preteen etc?
    2. Will there be more body sliders? such as height slider.
    3. Will the season and rain included in base game?
    4. Will there be rabbitholes?
    5. Is the “No Create-a-Style-Tool aka cast” true?
    6. Will The Sims 4 come with a new “more realistic” story progression?
    7. Wil there be “height slider” for paintings, curtains and windows?
    8. Will the sims get inside a car “more realistic”?
    9. Is the cartoony graphic made so that it can be played smoothly in any computer?
    10. Will there be more town to choose in the base game instead just 1?
    11. Between every Sims version there were always a new HUGE improvement, in the sims 2, they make BIG improvements, such as an ability to fully customize the sims and having generations,
    in the sims 3, they also make a BIG improvement, an ability to fully control the whole town
    in the sims 4, there must be the “main” big improvement, so, what will it be?