Spooky Day and Carving Pumpkins

We got a blog about the Spooky Day today, it includes more info about costume parties and pumpkin carvings. After I read it I was left with a question, if we have several patterns pumpkins or just one so naturally I asked on twitter:


@SimGuruGraham @SimGuruMike "desired pattern" in the spookyblog does this mean there are several patterns and possibly funny fails? :)


And had a really fast reply:


@swwSims @SimGuruGraham You are given a choice on what pattern you want to carve on your pumpkin such as a ghost, a cat, or the traditional scary face. You can fail in carving your pumpkin as well.


And we have 5 patterns!


@swwSims There's a total of 5 you can choose from. Traditional, silly face, evil face, ghost, and cat.


The Blog:


Hi Simmers!
Up until now entire seasons such as spring and summer were featured in previous dev blogs and demos. But today I’m thrilled to finally talk in detail about one of the holidays that we’ve added to the game. Before I get started I wanted to clear up some common confusion regarding seasons and holidays that I’ve seen on Twitter and message boards. By default the game has four seasons, each transitioning seamlessly into one another. Within each season there is a single day that the game designates as a special holiday. These are days where Sims all over town are drawn together to congregate and participate in the day’s spirit and activities just as in real life.
I’m really excited to tell you all about the fall exclusive holiday in The Sims 3 Seasons that we call Spooky Day. What’s not to like about a day where you’re encouraged to dress up in a costume and ask for free candy?


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