Spot the Differences! – Done!

Update: Patrick found all 11 of them in 4minutes!

Here they all are:spotdifferences_markingsPatrick I will be sending you your code to your email 🙂

This competition is about being the first to spot the differences between these two pictures:

spotdifferences_1 spotdifferences_2There are 11 differences in these pictures, some are obvious some are subtle.


  • Download one of the images.
  • On it mark the differences with a red circle (like how I did in this picture) using paint/photoshop/gimp/etc.
  • Save the image with the differences marked on it
  • Upload image to imgur.com or photobucket or similar.
  • Post a comment (using a valid email address!) on this post with a link to the image.

The first to get all 11 wins!

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