The Sims Freeplay

The Life Cycle: How to Make it Bearable

The most recent update with The Sims FreePlay has been criticized by many players, and for a good reason.
If you’re have lost Sims due to the new Life Cycle in the Life Dreams & Legacies update, you’re not alone. Tons of Simmers are upset that they are being forced to lose Sims due to the Life Cycle, and find it impossible to play the game.

Firemonkeys (they are the makers of the game – Australian studio owned by EA) are well aware that people hate the forced update, and we can probably expect an option to turn Aging completely off coming soon.

I’m here with some suggestions for you guys who are upset with this new update to try and make these tough times more manageable until an update comes!
Try doing these things to help keep your Sims from leaving you too soon!

1) Completing Hobbies:
The entire Life Cycle takes 41 action days to complete. Your Sims only age while doing actions, and the time spent doing these actions adds up. Different ages take longer or shorter to pass through.
Use several Adult Sims and complete hobbies a whole bunch of times. You will eventually stock up on A BUNCH of LP – use the LP once you have a lot saved up to reset your Sim’s age RIGHT before they’re about to age up with any Sim!

 2) Use “Pawn” Sims to get Platinum Life Orbs:
Once you get a Platinum Life Orb, you can give it to a Sim to permanently pause their Life Cycle. However, upgrading the Orbs means that you have to lose your Sims. If you can’t bear to age any Sim at all, use Sim(s) that you don’t care about, and give them Life Dreams of their own and pass that Sim’s dreams on! Or, add a completely new Sim to the town & only use new Sims to complete Life Dreams until everyone has a Platinum Life Orb!

3) “Reincarnate” Your Sims:
Many people hold sentimental value to their Sims. It’s understandable that you just can’t bear to part with them. So, instead of leaving them forever, try reincarnating them! If your Sim passes on to the Afterlife, add a new Sim or baby to the town with the same name as your old Sim.
Think of it as starting over – your Sim, instead of dying, gets reincarnated and gets to do whatever they didn’t get to do in their last life, or gets to try being somebody completely different! Goodbye doesn’t have to a sad thing!

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  • Not only do I hate the update, I have already lost 2 Sims to this update. The other 2 Sims I tried to reverse age on, not once but twice, it didn’t work! I lost 40 LP and my two Sims are losing their lives because Firemonkey will not acknowledge the bug. I have tried and do have a ticket number but except for a brief reply, nothing in the last week. My senior a sweet old man, died and there is enough death in this world and sickness (I am a breast cancer survivor) that I don’t need to see it in a game. I am sorry to all my friends on Game Centre if you haven’t updated your game (don’t!) if you can’t get to my town. As far as EA and Firemonkey is concerned I saw this, not one more red penny from me, not one!

    • Hi Lyne. Sadly, it isn’t a bug. The reversal only resets the aging clock (green ring). So each time you used LP you were resetting the clock, not changing the age stage of a sim. There is no going back to a previous age (no senior to adult, or pre-teen to toddler). The only way to go back to a previous age stage is to use old data from a cloud save.

      As far as the tips go, thank you Bunhunnyny! It should also be noted that each platinum orb for pausing can take up to 4 consecutive sims and 6 months to attain.

      Meanwhile, EA has advised us that if we updated and began the quest, to NOT play with our favorite sims if we can’t afford the LPs (to set their clocks back) and while working on the orbs. This means to leave your sims idle, no sleeping, no activities, no game play of any kind, and they won’t age.

      Hope that helps someone.

    • Hi! I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m so glad also that you’re a survivor. 🙂
      I would recommend trying the suggestions I gave to make it seem better – the third suggestion in particular.

      ANYONE reading this, I strongly recommend trying out the third suggestion! It’s actually really fun to think of the game this way, that you’re reincarnating your Sims! 🙂

  • I am SO glad I read the reviews on the app update page BEFORE I just went and updated! I would’ve been in the same boat (Titanic) as everyone else who is now wishing they could go back. It should be ‘our choice’ if we want to go from ‘crib to coffin’ with our Sims! I even had a hard time deciding if I wanted to play along with the Senior quest, fortunately, I had a couple of minor characters. I WILL NOT do this update until I see changes made, shame because I really enjoy these quests and the Beach & Arcade sound fun! I was disappointed with the ‘Bingo’, pretty lame…I’m a die-hard Bingo player and was excited! Thanks Bunbunnny, you have some of the BEST suggestions/tips! Always look forward to reading your ideas! I feel so bad for Lyne, shame she can’t return her Sims to original states…and I too will not spend a penny on this! When I actually did try to buy something I got ripped off, Fire Monkey NEVER replied! You know who did, iTunes and not only refunded my ‘lost $’, but refunded me the price of the game! THAT’S customer service! And believe me, they got a very nice email from me, giving kudos to them and the rep that helped me! May y’all and your Sims be happy & healthy! 🙂

  • I hope they erase the circle of life update… this is not fot a game… its different than the sims we all like

  • I had the same problem but ALL my sims died, so i just got vshare chinese version and downloaded sims freeplay from there, it starts your game with like 280000000 LP so you can reset all u want, so if you don’t care about your game save just download the sims from vshare.