“The only thing ‘CoT’ doesn’t reflect is a positive view of the future.”

Do you agree with @mcdermott about Cities of Tomorrow, that it is a pretty Dark, Dystopic vision of our urban future?

I found that the Academy future sounds pretty good to me, but mainly because I cannot wait to clean up the ground pollution in my cities. A dependency on ControlNet however might not be a good thing!

I do not even have to discuss why the OmegaCo future is not a good thing 😉

Cities of Tomorrow extends this tension to a dark, satirical future. You’re technically still mayor of a metropolis, but in the case of the gleaming downtown scenario, the true arbiter of power is a small organization called The Academy. Tucked below the elevated trains and glittering skyscrapers, The Academy is basically a publicly funded think tank whose sole mission is to push the boundaries of urban infrastructure. The Academy develops all of the city’s technology, and the more public funding it receives, the quicker it innovates. The catch is that all Academy-developed technology has to run on ControlNet, a computing system owned and operated by The Academy.

Read the full article here: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyle/2013/11/simcitys-turn-toward-dark-dystopic-vision-our-urban-future/7499/

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