The Sims 3 Island Paradise – Underwater Activities

New blog today with new screenshots!

By far, my favorite new feature is the ability to scuba dive! The ocean is no longer just for traveling across, now Sims can dive below! The Sims 3 Island Paradise Expansion Pack comes with a world that has exclusive dive spots. Sims with the new scuba diving skill can visit and explore the underwater surroundings where there is lots to discover. Each dive spot is rich in beautiful sea life, from the many corals and kelps that grow from the ocean floor to the fish that you can catch! But watch out for those sharks! I hear they bite and can be pretty nasty about it too.

Full blog is here:

5_TS3_IslandParadise_DevBlog2 4_TS3_IslandParadise_DevBlog2 3_TS3_IslandParadise_DevBlog2 2_TS3_IslandParadise_DevBlog2 1_TS3_IslandParadise_DevBlog2

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