The Sims 3 Seasons – Exclusive winter-only details

Seems a gamespress site had a different embargo date than Fansites, so we got some Winter information! Full article here with all the screenshots: http://www.gamesrada…r-only-details/

But here is all the text as the site has annoying pop ups:

Hot cocoa, a warm fire, snuggling in a rustic log cabin. What more could you want from a winter retreat? Sure, it's probably -40F/C outside and the icy winds will give you frostbite in just minutes, but take advantage! Have your Sims canoodle or woohoo within the confines of a cozy home. Or bundle up and hit the slopes!

Here's our final exclusive look at what's included in the upcoming expansion, The Sims 3 Seasons, where we ask Graham Nardone, the assistant producer what to expect when the snow begins to fall. In this case, it's falling on November 13 in North American and November 16 in Europe.

Graham Nardone: Winter is one of the most visually impactful times of the year in The Sims 3 Seasons, and with it comes a whole host of new activities that Sims can participate in! As the temperature begins to drop, new possibilities will unlock as lakes and ponds freeze over. Once the ice is solid enough your Sim can actually go ice skating on it, which makes for an adventurous getaway from the skating rink. Even more fun moments can be discovered as snow begins to blanket the world; your Sims can go out and create snow angels, build snowmen, have snowball fights, and even build an igloo! One of our fantastic new objects is the snowboard half-pipe, where athletic Sims love to show off their tricks during the winter festival.

Graham Nadrone: Intense blizzards make for a really compelling visual in video games, and we saw The Sims 3 Seasons as an opportunity to bring all the different types of weather to life in the open neighborhoods that Sims live in. As you play, the seasons and weather will gradually change around you to create a very realistic portrayal of what you’d see outside your window in real life. In winter you’ll first see frost gather on the ground and windows. As snow begins to fall, it’ll lightly dust the entire world. As the snowfall intensifies, snow will actually pile up on the ground and get deeper throughout the world. Thick snow will appear ready to fall from a roof at a moment’s notice, and icicles will form along the roof edges. As cars drive throughout the world, you’ll actually see tire tracks appear that gradually tamp the snow down over time until the roads are relatively clear. When temperatures rise, the snow will actually melt in patches, just like it does in real life. Sometimes you find yourself just staring at the game and taking in the beauty of it all!

Graham Nardone: Snowflake Day is a new holiday that Sims enjoy at the end of winter every year. All Sims feel the holiday cheer on this special day, and they love going to the festival to socialize with their friends and neighbors over a cup of hot chocolate or eggnog. If your Sims are very lucky, they’ll wake up in the morning to discover a fresh layer of snow in the world to run outside and play in. It’s also the perfect day to throw a gift giving party by inviting others over to your home to exchange gifts and celebrate the season. Don’t be the Sim that ends up stuck with a lump of coal!

Graham Nardone: Daring Sims looking to inject some excitement in their lives can take a frigid plunge into the ocean in the winter to receive the Polar Bear moodlet. Not only is it a badge of honor that you can show off to your friends, but it actually helps build your Sim’s tolerance to freezing temperatures. Even then you still have to be careful about staying out for too long, as eventually a Sim will succumb to the frosty conditions and actually freeze solid. If you can’t get another Sim to come help you in time, you can actually die by freezing to death!

Sims with a mean disposition may not participate in the revelry of Snowflake Day, and instead decide to spread a little holiday jeer. Right when you’ve created the perfect snow angel or gotten your snowman decorated just right, watch out for these grouchy Sims who take pleasure in destroying all the fun you’ve had in the snow.

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