The Sims 3 Seasons Links round up

We will collect all the links to information as we find them, so that you do not have to go hunt around on the internet for them! Will try to update a few times a week.


Spring blog, cute read: April Showers Bring May Flowers in The Sims 3 Seasons!

Live Chat

Live chat #1 of Seasons (Also includes Supernatural):…ive-broadcast-2


Weather will work in all worlds, including player created ones! *link to my own blog*

Season and Weather settings are set per savegame: the technical stuff behind this was created after the population settings were made:

Sky will indicate of weather is about to happen, like clouds will darken for a good storm!:

Season can last 3 to 28 days https:/

Amount of rain depends on the season! More in spring than in summer! https:/

Weather transistions gradually:

Can see temperature in game in fahrenheit or celsius:

Xray vision to see through snow to find pesky bills!:

days are longer in summer, and shorter in the winter: https:/

Weather will work in all words, but not in WA, read here why:

Bad weather does not cause power cuts!

No natural disasters:

Snow days for kids!

Objects & Clothes & Misc

Gnome is called Bucktooth Butternut http:/

Pumpkin is the only new plant:

Surfing is not a part of Seasons:

As long as clothing is tagged right, CC can also be outerwear! http:/

no diagonal pools

Pets cannot swim in the ocean:

Umbrellas will be automatically used by your sims:

The divingboard is returning to our game! http:/

Trees from the store will be updated to include fall colours (where applicable)

Pool floats can be used everywhere your sim can swim:

Sims can swim in any body of water till the camera cuts them off:

Teens can also slow dance: http:/

Appropriate clothes from old packs will be recategorized for seasons:

Blueprint mode? More info soon:

Rain waters your plants and when its too cold plants will go into hibernation:

Simbots should be careful when stepping out in bad weather: http:/

New parttime job, no profession or fulltime job:

Kissing booth does not cause jealousy:

Wildflowers show up using spawners, just like rocks and gems:

Trees gradually change colour:

Seasonal lots & holidays

Can add unique names to community lots for each season: http:/

No greenhouses in Seasons, there is a possibility to make your own though with planters from Supernatural:

Can control how the festival lot will look like:

Festival lots will be in new savegames from the start, in old savegames you will be asked to place them:

A little bit of information on how to create your own festival lots:

4 holidays! Love Day (Spring), Leisure (Summer), Spooky (Fall) and Snowflake (Winter)

Gift giving party, not christmas: http:/

Egghunts can also be enjoyed by older sims: http:/

Fixed in Seasons

Cloud layer shows well in Seasons: http:/

EP Filters will be added for CAS too!

No Icecream truck at 3am any more (Also not in winter)

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