EA Summer Showcase – 2nd August 2012

It's a busy week for the Sims 3 Guru's and PR teams. Not only are they hosting our very own sww at Redwood City today, but they are also holding their Summer Showcase tomorrow.

So in between following the official The Sims 3 Twitter feed for news of what sww has been doing with her day, we can also look forward to EA's Summer Showcase which takes place tomorrow.

This is being broadcast as a live event and will include presentations and demos of various EA titles, including the Sims 3 – let's hope this means live demos of Supernatural and a chance to see a bit more gameplay in action!

The live broadcast starts at 1pm PST (or 9pm GMT for UK Simmers) and can be found on the EA website here.

Let's hope they give us a few new tidbits of information to keep us munching on!