SimCity Social Optimal Housing Layout

I have been playing a lot of SimCity Social, trying to get a perfect housing layout, considering the limited space and the annoying river it is not as easy as you would think!

Currently I think this is the most optimal layout you can have with the space left of the main road.


With the vertical starting road I mean the long North-South road you start with, it can be (re)moved, but it’s a great road to use as a divider. Residential buildings are focussed on the left hand side of the road, with the Emergency and Economy buildings on the right. Eventually when I have more land on the surrounding islands I will move my economy part there and have more houses to the right of the road too.

You might wonder wonder how the train track is used as a regular road, you can place roads there, one section at a time. They appear to be a rail crossing but work as a regular road!

Factories near the river have increased production, so you want to place your best factories there.

The Arcology (space building) is the building you get in the beginning, it takes a lot of resources to build up, including items that drop down from space – hence why I call it space building ;).

We are going to have a page soon that explains the best attractions for each size (3×3/4×4 etc), however as its a quest to build the theme park you can put that one in the 4×4 location.

In my game I am almost there to have this full layout, this is how the roads look like in my current layout:


And with the houses:


I hope you find this layout useful, if you have any suggestions for improvements you can always contact me here on the website or on twitter

Author: sww

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