The Sims 3 Showtime Review

The latest Sims 3 expansion pack give players a chance to let loose their inner diva, and entertain their friends and neighbours with three new star struck careers – singer, magician and acrobat.

While on the surface, it shares similarities with Late Night and its fascination with celebrities, there are a lot of similarities with Ambitions, too.  Do not let appearances fool you; it is a fantastic pack all on its own, EA have answered fans’ pleas to go to work with their Sims again.

Starting off small

Your entertainer Sims starts off busking for tips and works their way up to the top, filling out the exclusive big venues and making a lot of simoleans.

There are three performance careers, Singer, Magician and Acrobat. Each comes with their own costumes, abilities and learning curve. You need to practice your abilities; you will never get to the big time without first going through the basics. Once you start pulling in the simoleans you can also buy new stage props, increasing the performance score and in turn increase the amount of simoleons you get from a performance!

Another fan wish that has been answered in Showtime is the ability, via the new Simport function, to visit other players games.  While it may not give the interaction that many people hoped for, it does give an added social dimension, along with extra funds and lifetime points for host sims. An added bonus is that you can also unlock exclusive stage props

The new world with Showtime is Starlight Shores.  Beachfront housing, a wide strip in the main part of town where all the municipal buildings and venues are located, them some hillside homes as well.  Whether you’re an up and coming entertainer, a full-fledged star, or simply like the atmosphere, the town has something for everyone.

Gorgeous town, but with a redbrick firestation from Ambitions.

Although as with most hoods, you may want to do something with the default Ambitions lots – both placement and style! The new venues for Starlight Shores and Showtime are available to place in other hoods.  One criticism would be the irregular sizes of these lots, making them hard to place in other hoods, however I’m sure the community will solve that in short order!

As with every expansion pack this expansion pack has a new special creature too! This time it’s the Genie, he or she grants you 3 wishes! You can choose from 10 different wishes, that either give you (permanent) moodlets, increased fertility (hello triplets), more wishes or you can wish the genie to be free ((s)he will be a part of your household then.

People who loved the Ambitions expansion pack will also love showtime! If you are a builder, then the new venue lots give plenty of scope for your imagination. If you are more of a storyteller, then the possibilities of the rags to riches star stories will give you food for thought.

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