The Sims 3 Supernatural Review

We have gotten a chance to review Supernatural, and think its an awesome expansion pack! So much content in it that even with a week of play time you will only have time for 1/4 of the pack.

I was very lucky that I got an advance copy of The Sims 3 Supernatural limited edition, since last week I have been playing a lot of Supernatural in the way I always play my game, instead of major info gathering I do in previews/hands on time. I start off like we all do in CAS. Gorgeous new outfits that are both supernatural but which could also easily be combined with a normal pair of jeans for a casual style.


The hair is gorgeous, whimsical and unique, the hair that my Sim above is wearing is my favourite of all of them. We also have new traits proper, gather, brooding, supernatural fan and supernatural skeptic; what is funny about the proper trait, it means your Sim is constantly changing into formal wear – gave her an awesome every day outfit and she changes to the formal outfit all the time. I love the new skin tones, I cannot wait to see what my green witch (using the rainbow skin tone) is going to have for a colour baby. It can be any colour of the rainbow.

My first family was a single Witch Sim and she got to learn the Alchemy skill and Fortune telling career (scam artist branch). I am just amused with the fortune telling (scam artist) career, it is not an easy career especially because it eventually requires the Charisma skill which I always consider a difficult skill. Alchemy is fun!! So much fun. Your Sim learns alchemy by researching alchemy on the table, mixing elixirs or reading books. But to learn all the new recipes you have to research (there are 44 in total, with all EPs installed!) or read recipe books you can buy at the book store or the new potion shop. So yes, it does happen that your lvl 10 alchemist can be missing a lvl 3 recipe. Alchemy has evil recipes like zombification but also very benficial recipes like potent friendship, giving you an instant best friend. This is perfect for my Scam artist Fortune teller as I can instantly fix the friend requirement.

Screenshot-518 copy.jpg

With my second family I made a werewolf husband and a witch wife, the husband was the money maker (science career) and the wife is a self-employed alchemist. My goal with the alchemist was to make every elixir at least twice (for the alchemy guide). Making every single elixir is hard, well the hard part is gathering all the ingredients! That the husband was a gatherer werewolf helped, he would hunt for the ingredients while the wife slaved over the alchemy set and learned that skill. They both also needed a pretty big garden to keep up with the demand of plant ingredients. On top of all this, the wife has the very handy conversion ritual, with which you can turn one collectable into another, and yet they were still missing ingredients for a few of the elixirs. Some people would be discouraged by this I guess, I am challenged and want to get them all! (insert pokemon music).

In the following picture my Witch and Werewolf are gardening together.

Screenshot-520 copy.jpg

To this point I have played for in total 5 days (though I did have that pesky life thing so not intense play time some days), and my personal guess I have played maybe ¼ of this pack, I have done nothing yet with the faeries, vampires, zombies or furniture yet. Bonehilda is going to be the maid in every single house from now on, though Bonehilda might like cats – cats do not like Bonehilda and she keeps wanting to pet them.

Screenshot-487 copy.jpg

The Zombies attacks to me are annoying they show up every time there is a full moon and it not just one of them, you get at least 2 but often 3. At first I just wanted to see what they do, but I changed my game settings (see this guide, step 5) fast to have no more full moons and also fenced in my plants. Cool feature, but to me it got boring fast. But if you want to write a Zombie Apocalypse story, you will have that every full moon! While Moonlight Falls is a unique, beautiful and spooky looking world, I would have expected the (starter) homes to be placed on bigger lots, there is plenty of space! With the alchemy skill, we need bigger gardens than the ones we got. This is easily remedied however by going into edit town and moving a starter house to a bigger lot size, it will make your house cost more so you might want to wait till you have build up some funds.

Screenshot-493 copy.jpg
Dancing Zombie Apocalypse

My biggest worry with this Supernatural pack was that the witches, the werewolves, etc were going to get boring fast as the witches in The Sims 2 got boring fast (to me). But I do not think this is the case with The Sims 3 Supernatural. I think every family from now is going to get a (man)witch just because (s)he has awesome and useful charms and (s)he will need the alchemy skill to get the instant friendship potions for each family, those are just small details that make this pack awesome and long-lasting. If you like the Supernatural theme in movies, books or want ways to make your Sims' life easier, I highly recommend this pack!

I leave you with these two videos, they make me laugh every time.