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We have some more official information on winter in the Sims 3 Seasons! With different colours of snowmen! And winter in many different worlds, they all look different.


Brrrr! We’re just moving into November, and here at Maxis there’s already a cold chill in the air. What better time to talk about winter in The Sims 3 Seasons and how it’s going to completely transform your game? My name’s Graham Nardone; I’m one of the producers on Seasons, and winter was one of the really big parts of the game that I worked on over the past year. As someone who grew up in Florida for 25 years, I’ve always dreamed of beautiful soft snowflakes and waking up in the morning to see a world blanketed in white. That’s why I absolutely love when winter rolls around in Seasons, and why it’s my favorite time of the year in-game. I guess it also helps that I never had to shovel a driveway! There’s so much more to winter than just snow though. There’s everything from snowboarding to ice skating, snowmen, igloos and lots more!

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