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The Sims 4 Collectors Edition Code giveaway!

Written by sww
Like many of us I bought The Sims 4 Collectors Edition for the awesome Interactive Plumbob Statue lamp! Then The Sims UK generously gave me a copy of The Sims 4, which means I don’t need my game code for the Collectors Edition.

This week I have finally been able to pick up my collector’s edition, including the code. I’m giving away the code to a lucky The Sims community member.

This code gives you The Sims 4 Base game, the Up All Night Digital Content, the Life of the Party Digital Content and The Sims 4 Digital Soundtrack.

How to win
  1. Read our Review of The Sims 4
  2. Tell us in the comments below what feature of The Sims 4 you are most excited about and why
  3. Your entry will be counted twice if you write a story on how your Sims will use that feature in at least 200 words (please don’t write a novel)


Important Information

This giveaway is open from Monday 17 November 6PM GMT to Friday 28 November 23:59 GMT. Winners will be picked randomly selected and announced on Sunday before midnight GMT.

By entering this competition you agree that you have read and understood the following competition terms and conditions. The competition closes on the 28th November at 23:59GMT and entries made after this time will not be valid. You must leave a comment with a valid email address so we can contact you. If, after 48h, the winner does not respond then another winner shall be randomly selected. We may cancel the competition at any time and in the event of being unable to provide the prize, an alternate prize shall be provided.

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  • I am looking forward to being able to multitask. My sim will finally be able to do multiple things at once! I like how in the review it shows a sim going to the bathroom and reading a magazine at the same time. It’s little things like this that really bring The Sims to life!

  • I am most excited about the new create a sim 🙂 I haven’t downloaded the demo for that yet, but I spent hours creating sims on the sims 3 xD I love you can edit in way more detail.

  • i have short story
    Ben and Jerry the two simmers who used be in sims 3 so upon they moved to new luxury house and had alot of work they did Muiltasking eg talking when eating also sitting on edge of pool talking to friends in water they had a lover who loved Jerry and they had happy ending

  • I really love the new Create A Sim and I’ve already had a lot of fun with it in the demo, so I’m really excited about the real deal. I think I’m actually gonna try creating a legacy this time, (or at least more than one generations), since I’ve never done that before. Plus, now I have a character that I think I will actually want to stick around with for awhile and see how her children will turn out and so on. But yeah, so I’m definitely looking forward to CAS the most. I just really like creating characters.

  • I’m really exited about the new sims modeling and the buildmode (will I finally be able to make a copy of my real house?) 🙂 🙂

  • TS4 is a great move by the makers of the games. I love the new, cartoony style and build mode in general. However, it is my opinion that the children represent the best development they’ve made. Children are much more like children than they ever were. They have their own set of personality types and their own skill sets. Also, their playing is a much bigger part of their lives than they ever were, and I love that they can take on their own children’s instruments. They’re no longer small adults; they’ve created a barrier that allows the children to be children. I love it!

  • I am most excited about the feature where you can multitask because it will be easier to do things at once! It would not take as much time as it would normally do and I can get to work immediately. I saw a picture of a sim eating while on the computer and that’s how I am in real life as well!

    Short Story: Jen is getting ready for work but she also wanted to talk to her boyfriend before she go, so while she eats she went online to have a chat with him. She feels good not having to wait until work to talk to him and that she gets to say goodbye for a while. She really loves him!

  • The build mode is definitely the feature I looking forward to most. It seems to be exactly what I’ve been wishing the sims to be for quite awhile. I’m also excited to use the new interface for buy mode, especially the search feature, as I am always forgetting where an item is.

  • Most excited about the Multitasking capabilities in this new iteration of Sims! I mean with sims being able to 3 actions simultaneously is both extremely handy and oddly satisfying knowing that many things are being completed at once. I can picture sim scrolling through their tablet, watching the news and speaking to their friend all at the same time!

  • After reading the review of The Sims 4, I can see a lot that I like. Most of all, I build houses in the game (The Sims 3), and there seems to be a lot more you can do to make your house look good in this game. I especially like the circular walls and the new type of roof, pulling them to fit is fantastic. Being able to move an entire house to any location on the property, when I think it is misplaced is excellent and so is the ability to move the windows up or down. Being able to place things almost anywhere when you decorate and that one can enlarge the pictures and other stuff will make it so much fun. The new way of the simmies to interact, and that they can do several things such as exercise and watch TV at the same time, is amazing. For me it is OK that there are no toddlers in the game since you can do so much more things with the older child instead.There are some new interesting skills that I think is going to be a lot of fun to explore so I am very excited about this game.

  • The feature I am most excited about are the new emotions. With the new emotions, I would create a reality show, and in this reality show, the emotions would be so evident and because they manipulate behavior so much, I will just kick-back, relax, and watch the mayhem unfold. And then I would obviously post it to YouTube with really cheesy commentary.

  • I am most excited about the way of creating new sims, and the easy building. It’s very exciting to have this come out with lots of new things and a whole new world. (Breaks into the little mermaid song haha)

  • I am most excited by the improved features for children and the upgraded skills. Having unique skills for children will make them more interesting to play and allow for a diverse family instead of all children basically being the same. The activities that become available as a Sim advances in skill level appears to be well integrated with the skill and make the gameplay more realistic as there are distinct benefits to being better at whatever skill the Sim is learning.

  • I’m most excited about multitasking because it makes the game so much more realistic. I’be been wanting this since forever. I love how you can do things like chat with friends while cooking and you won’t have to stop cooking just to chat with your friends. Probably the best thing ever.

  • One of the features I’m most excited about is social events. I know it’s weird, but it adds a little bit of challenge to the game, just like dates in Sims 2. I would probably abuse that challenge function and throw lots of different-themed parties. Also, in a YouTube video, I saw that they take pictures of their food. That’s one of the most awesome things a Sim could ever do. If social events are the feature I’m most excited about, food pics are the second. And the new Build Mode, of course. I’m not looking forward to the lighting though.

  • I am really excited from multitasking so that my Sims can eat their food, watch TV, and socialize at the same time. I am also excited for build mode and how easy it is to make rooms bigger and smaller. In the Sims 3 I couldn’t stand having to re-size a room by deleting walls, putting them back up, repainting the new wall, putting new floor in the new spot, and relocating doors. In the Sims 4 it looks sooooooo much easier.

  • I already own it but I would be so excited if I could win it for my sister,she has been listening to me talking about how awesome it is and really wants to play!The best part of The Sims 4 is everything,especially how well it plays on my older computer,even with lower settings it looks amazing!!

  • There’s a lot about The Sims 4 that I’m excited about, but I think I’ll especially enjoy multitasking. It always bothered me that in previous versions of The Sims, there hardly was any time to socialize with your family or friends. Sims being gone for work or school at different hours, ignoring each other while getting their needs up, and when their needs were finally up they had to go to bed again, because they would have to go to work again the next day. It just wasn’t natural. In real life, even after a busy day family members at least have some interaction… I love how they now can talk while cooking, playing games on the computer, etcetera. Watching TV while working out or reading while on the toilet are also fun, but I especially like how Sims act more like families. Apart from being more realistic, it also saves time. Getting two skills up at once, for example the athletic skill while working out and the cooking skill from watching the TV, is very handy. It means more time for fun things instead of fulfilling needs and getting job requirements done. I think I’m going to love it!

  • I’m most excited about the new aspirations and career daily tasks. Currently I am playing a sim in sims 3 who is an aspiring rock star and I would like to know what kind of tasks she would have to do for her career advacement. Also the graphics looks a lot better and the build mode seems easier to me as a pretty novice builder. The main backlash is probably the lack of toddlers (they’re so cute tho!) but the things you can do with older kid seems to make it up

  • I’m especially excited about the new build mode.
    I spent dozens of hours building houses, as it really was the important part of the game for me. Designing your dream house is really awesome and a powerful feeling.
    Can’t wait!

  • I’m most exited about the new build modus since I’m not that good at building and I don’t want to spend too much time with it. Being able to move the complete house or complete rooms makes it faster and easier for me to build something.

    I would write a story but my Sim can’t really use this feature. My Sim would just be happy that his favorite room is still part of the house after I made some changes 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I’m excited about creating a sim. I have played demo yet, but I know that it doesn’t contain all of the options. I would like to create my own female sim using all of the options and make her look perfect! She will be pale and skinny, but with some curves. She will have long, ginger hair and green eyes, like me. 🙂 And she will be interested in nature, collecting gems, fish, etc.

  • I am most excited about the traits system, because I think it gives the sims so much more personality than they had in TS3. You can really see how their traits combine to influence their interactions with other Sims as well as objects in the world.
    Short Story:
    My sim Carlie will be a Nerd and a Foodie, so it will be hard to decide whether she wants to work as a Chef or a Gamer. I can see her gardening in her downtime (to get the best veggies for cooking), so maybe she will Love the Outdoors as a third trait. I might make her go to the park to find some seeds, and maybe she’ll bump into a handsome Active sim out on a jog. She could ask him out on a date and discover that he’s a Nerd as well! By that point they’re basically soul mates, so I will have no choice but to have them get married. Since Carlie’s fiancé is Outgoing, we will have to throw a big party and invite all of his friends to watch them tie the knot! Once they are married, we can get started on a family, because that’s part of Carlie’s Aspiration. Meanwhile, Carlie’s husband will be throwing awesome parties to try and fulfill his Aspiration. Since he is so Outgoing, he will probably finish that one quickly and move on to something else. In the end, Carlie will get her big brood of kids and live a full and well-rounded life.

  • I’m looking forward to the pools. They’re looking soooo good in this game, I love the refelctions and the edgeing of it 😀 I can imagine for myself a very rich family having a big villa with a stunning pool, doing a pool party every day (even though there isn’t one already, but I’m sure the guests can’t resist to take a minute in the pool) and invite only the high society of willow creek. There would be a fancy indoor party room leading to the pool area with a huge bar and seating areas and a dance floor… just a perfect house for endless parties! This always has been the goal in The Sims, and I’m sure it’s a lot of fun in The Sims 4 🙂

  • Love everything about the Sims. But really looking forward to the Sims taking a pregnancy test. How cool is that. Also create a sim Love creating Sims. Really looking to everything.

  • I am so excited because the sims 4 is very different than other sims series.Like, multitasking,new build mode,new create a sims…There are so many things i can tell.If i tell all things this post will be a novel. 😀 😀 Hmm,for example,Emotions.Yeah,i like mostly that beacuse thanks to emotions the sims 4 is very amazing.Thank you for this giveaway.Good luck everbody. 🙂 🙂

  • I love The Sims <3 Emotions look very interesting. I would like to win and see how it looks really (and build <3). Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • I really like the new build mode i think it looks really cool. I also like the look of the new create a sim (after playing the demo)

  • I really can’t decide if I’m more excited about the children or build mode. Probably the latter.
    It’s always my favourite part of the sims, creating the sim & building a house, I very rarely buy a pre-built house. I think I’d create my dream home, with lots of windows/light and a lovely big kitchen. There would be plenty garden space for gardening and playing, and just generally a nice house. I’m a big fan of porches, so perhaps I’ll try using one of them. The children would need a big space to play with their outdoor toys, including the monkey bars which look great! I’m fairly sure there are pools now, so I’d have to include that in my house.
    This is a lovely prize, thank you 🙂

  • What i really enjoyed was the adventures your sims could have and the amount of memories EA brought back from the Sims 1 & 2 which brings me way back to the time when i used to watch my older sister play the Sims 2 which was an amazing time since i loved how it was so realistic and it was just amazing to live through and ive been inspired by Lifesimmer to get the Sims 4 since i really got into the gameplay and i just cant believe my eyes that it was an amazing success in my opinion.I just dislocated my shoulder today and i have been having technical difficulties with the Sims 3. I really liked the emotion system since it was pretty amazing to see my sims react to how it feels like in reality and see the stories become wierder and wierder. I always wanted to have a go at the Sims 4 since i have dreamed about it for a long time and i got the create a sim demo, I asked my mother on getting it on Origin but she still didnt reply, and its not available in my country which was pretty sad. I wish good luck to all who participated. Thank you 🙂

  • Can place everything – my sim loves to collect items that make her home feel cosy and yet, she couldn’t put all of them in her beloved shelving unit alongside photo’s of her family but with a new “life” she would be able to do exactly that and even add more shelving into different rooms which means less clutter infront of her mirror that is on her drawers, food items, plates and utensils in the kitchen now have a place to be seen and used without taking up space. Flowers were taking over the living room but now, they will flourish and my sim will get to enjoy her fruits of labour without the kids and husband moaning that they can’t get around the flowers to go to school or work, in the kids room when mum tells them to tidy up their rooms they will be able to put toys on their shelves and not be left on the floor. As you can see this will definitely make their lives much easier and simpler than that of their hectic work and school days, who wouldn’t want to come to a home where everything has it’s place and makes the house that less cluttered. This is my sim’s dream house.

  • I’m very excited for The Sims 4, because I like the feature like multitasking. Cuz sims can talk while exercising, cooking, unlike The Sims 3, you have to cancel the action just to talk. And I love the new features in the CAS and Build mode. They made it easier to build a house for beginners. Also there are some bunch of new clothings and hairs.

  • I am looking forward to the game not having an open world.

    In the Sims 3, one of the things that I hated the most was that whenever you went anywhere, there were never any people there. By the looks of things, the fact that each area is locked behind a loading screen means that the areas will be more populated!

  • I’m most excited about CAS. I plan to make an evil sim, who ‘accidentally’ guides her neighbours to the Cowplant that for some reason has a delicious cake hanging out of its mouth, resulting in her own little private neighbourhood graveyard.

  • I am excited with the emotions thing! Since it affect my gameplay, I love it when I have to work (not as easy as the older The Sims game) to make my sims happy!

  • I am excited with the emotions thing! I love that when I have to work to change my sims’ emotions! Unlike previous The Sims game that doesn’t have emotions. And I also love that when emotions affect my gameplay! ????????

  • I am excited to see build mode the most i think, try out some split levels. It seems to be very different from what i am used to, It looks so much much more user friendly. I have been holding off to give bug fixes some time and wait for awesome custom content.. I think two i will miss the most from 3 are the cottage stairs and the garden deco signs.. Loved em’. I enjoy Gardening in my sims game so i am also excited to check out how you go about splicing plants together looks like fun! 🙂

  • One thing I do like when it comes to the sims 4 is the widely increased building possibilities. Even though some aspects of it are questionable, like roofs cutting through walls and not being able to delete a single floor tile, it is still one of the features I’m most excited about. Everything’s made easier and I haven’t missed the MOO cheat yet. I bet with that added I will realise why it is such a good cheat to begin with.

  • Hello! Thanks for the giveaway. I love gardening so much it’s unbelivable XD. I want to make a gardener sim straight away so I could play with cuttings and making different innests I also love that now you have gardening plot so my gardening will be beautiffully organized 🙂 It is also nice to have flowers; I will plant lots of flowerbeds

  • So many things to get excited about but I think most of all I’m insanely curious about free will! I have heard a few things about how it works in Sims 4 but I would like to perform experiments for myself. I’d like to take a group of sims and lock them in a house and watch their lives sink into madness.

  • I am excited to use Build Mode. Building has always been my favorite thing to do in The Sims Series. In your review you say ‘Many Build mode frustrations from previous The Sims games are gone’ this excites me. I hope in The Sims 4 the whole grid system is gone, it made my builds looks so unnatural.


    There are so many things I want to do with Build Mode in The Sims 4. The first thing I’ll do is probably replicate some of my Sims 3 builds and see how they compare. Afterwards I’ll look into building some bars (From the Let’s Plays’ I’ve seen Bars seem to be more lively than ever!) I may build a few cocktail lounges or a dive bar. I’d then like to send my Sims to my creations, later I’d upload them onto that brand new exchange. Considering there has been a Pool update, I may just build a water park. This will be interesting, and will probably fail – But I’ll try!
    I should probably talk about the houses I’ll build. Over the past few months I have been designing them in my head. I’m thinking of building an Italian/Spanish villa, a log cabin and a normal looking suburban house (it will be creepy on the inside and terribly haunted… MWAHAHAHA!)
    I’m sure that these won’t be the only thing’s I’ll create, the list is probably endless. I just hope that Build Mode is as ‘intuitive’ as people say.

    I hope it is easy to use too!

    Thanks for reading.

  • Sul Sul, I have now been playing the Sims series since the Sims 2 came out, I then moved onto the Sims 3 and I would love to move onto the Sims 4. The Sims 4 is full of endless possibilities, from dying from laughter and embarrassment to exploring secret worlds. The Sims series is a game full of creative possibilities that I would love to discover, like creating new Sims with vibrant personalities, new houses and community lots with new flavour and architectural genius (though I’m not that great at building). The best part about the Sims series is the chance to create and capture stories, any story you can think of, this is why I fell in love with the Sims in the first place. The best parts of Sims 4 are by far the multitasking and emotions. Emotions add so much character to the Sims, which makes them come alive on screen. To have this chance to play the Sims 4 would be an absolute privilege, and I would like to thank you personally for giving people the opportunity to play this beautifully designed game. Dag dag

  • I am really excited for emotions. I love making a story and emotions can add drama in important parts. Now when something good (or bad) happens my sim can have the proper response! I look forward to spicing up my sim’s everyday life.

  • Im really excited about the new build mode. It looks so much more easier to use and i love how we finally can put curved fences and foundations on our houses. Building houses and lots are one of my favorite things in the sims series and i really look forward to try it in sims 4. I love designing different styled homes for my sims that reflect their personalities!

  • I honestly am most excited about build mode. Out of all the years I played the Sims 3 game, only the last two years of the Sims 3’s life (as in the last 2 years before the Sims 4 came out) did I focus on actually playing with sims.
    I love building and creating mansions and barns and swimming pool houses.
    More than once I’ve experienced the dreaded “I built this entire house one square off.” situation and had to tear down and rebuild the project I was working on. I am so pumped that this will no longer be a problem in the Sims 4.

  • I am mostly excited about the CAS in the sims 4. CAS because I love art so I really enjoy choosing multiple different outfits, which show off your sims personality and of course their attitude or behavior. I especially adore showing other simmers my sims in the Gallery (I believe this is part of cas, you said we should mention 1feature. Sorry if this is a whole different feature of the game…I wasn’t sure :(..), another reason why I love this so much is how the players of the sims 4 can really be involved a bit more. Most of the clothes in the game I like and I was ecstatic when I found out about the CAS demo, which I was always hoping they would add before the launch of the game. I really do love the colour choices in the game, since I normally struggle with picking for myself, so I did prefer this to the one where you chose in ts3. Another reason why I love the CAS is because of the numerous amount of choices, there is just a vast amount of variety for a base game, making me extremely excited for expansion packs and so on. The final reason why I adore this feature is because of how much you are able to customize your sim, exactly how you want him/her to look like…I mean just drag, push and pull. Rarely would you be disappointed in your sims appearance, its just that you have to kind of imagine how you want them to look like and they turn out how you want them too. Hopefully I wrote as much as I possibly could to win this great giveaway. Thanks for the giveaway first of all. And if I don’t win congratulations to whoever does! 🙂

  • Wow! What a very detailed review. I’m glad you went through every aspect of the game as it gave me a lot of insight on what I would like, like the improved build mode, and what I wouldn’t like, such as no family trees.

    I am looking forward to trying out the CAS. To be a to give more personality to sims by giving them unique walk styles would be great. The genetics feature is great, and it would definitely be useful to use the tool to make siblings as I am a very big family player. I love creating my sim families in CAS because it’s where I first shape how they will be in game. It’s where my ideas first start to unfold and where I first start to shape my sims’ lives.

    When I first get into CAS, I plan on making a middle class family who just had two roommates, brother and sister, live with them due to the siblings house catching on fire. I plan for the two sims start drama within the household with some affairs and other unexpected plot twist. It will be like one large drama filled household like it was back in Sims 2 with the Pleasant Family! I can’t wait to play The Sims 4!

  • I really like the building feature of moving rooms and even houses around on the lot. Also, the curved walls and fences will be great to use. I will create a family and have them move into a fixer-upper house. They will slowly remodel the house as they earn the money required, which means they will have to live through the renovations. They will create additions to accommodate their expanding family, upgrade the existing rooms to enhance resale value, and increase the curb appeal by improving the landscaping and outdoor amenities. They will make a chef dream’s kitchen, a spa inspired master retreat that includes a large bedroom with seating area and reading nook along with a large master bathroom that has every amenity, kids bedrooms will include a Jack and Jill style bathroom and individual study and play areas. An office room will also be added. Once they have fixed the inside, they will build a wonderful pool area with seating area, lounging area, and play area. They will plant trees and flower beds, and create a wonderful garden to grow vegetables and fruit. They will paint and trim the outside of the house to make it look like the gem it is inside and out. Then the family will sell the house and start all over again on another fixer upper! The challenge of earning the money and doing the renovations in their spare time and how this affects their mood will really make this fun!

  • I’m most excited about, from what I’ve seen, with the colections (MySims reference) and with carreers; The way carreers will work and the way it affects the sim. Also I’m looking foward to the Storytelling aspects of the game, cause I want to try my hands on that. Reading the review, I realised that it will be interesting to play with kids now, so I can create full stories instead of creating small flashbacks. Thank you for the Giveaway, fingers crossed! 😀

  • I would love to get this and use the CAS to create the characters from my story. I would have them do things from my book, and some untold things that I didn’t write in. I will see how they would act, dream, work, build, and inspire to different things in the game. The story of how I would use this is simple, make a crazy lovable hero with some crazy flaws. I will start them of from a baby, and work them into the savior they will become. I would even do the same thing for my villain which would tell both sides of the story. I will use the build mode to create the world of which my characters are in. I will start the whole town from scratch, and work my way up building the city. I will create every baby to elder in the way how the people of my city would look and act. I will make the other world for my other city. To actually play those charters would be amazing. It would make my book literally come to LIFE! I will create, live, and be in my story. The story will be real.

  • I would love to use the new ways to build houses. I love architecture, and building weird creations. I build buildings from something as crazy as the house of the Teletubbies (my kid favorite show) to the arena of the Hunger Games. And when they finally come up with the cars, and work/school—which is hard to swallow that they don’t have it, yet—I will build an Academy. I would create Sims of course, and see how they live in the homes. I will upload most of my creations to the new Gallery. I will create a whole new world. Literally, I will play the song from Aladdin when I would build. I tour the gallery to see other people creating, and put it in my games. My Sims will be having a ball in the Districts and Capitol of the Hunger Games. I will have them even do the scenes from the book/movie. I will build, and create new towns for everyone to live in. I will create cites, homes, and worlds for people to enjoy. I will love to have the chance to do that.

  • I’m most impressed with the cooking in The Sims 4. I love the various interactions the Sims have with the bottles, pans, oven and oh my, that chopping with the wicked knife.
    It’s nice to see the call to meal action and the Sims sitting down together chatting over their dinner, while drinking something as well. The food looks a little too good – makes me want to eat some of that gourmet stuff they prepare. It’s also amusing to watch how an “okay” gourmet meal is not appreciated and that they want its quality improved.
    It’s fun to watch a Sim roll some of the cooking equipment down their arm and across their neck, all the way to the other hand. I think I enjoy just watching them cook as much as any feature of the game.
    I haven’t even thrown a dinner party yet, but it seems to me they have a lovely time conversing over their food on a daily basis anyway. Slamming the fridge is part of the cooking cycle when a Sim in angry, and it adds a lot of fun to the game for me.
    Also part of the cooking routine is watching them open that beautiful see-through fridge door.
    The cooking aspect adds depth to the game that has surprised and delighted me.

    Thank you for your contest!

  • First off, fantastic review and a big thank you for the giveaway! I grew a huge love for building in TS3 and the updates to build mode have been super exciting for me from the beginning. I was never sure about the emotions before but thanks to all the wonderful reviews out there, including this one, I have gotten super excited over that and multitasking.

  • Well, it is hard to choose which feature looks better on this version. I like the new CAS, I like the aspiration system, I like the build mode and other features. For now, I think that the new CAS system is the most exciting feature because the costumization of your own sim is the core of the gameplay and when added with the development that you choose and the contruction of your neighborhood makes all the fun that you need on a Sim game. It will be really fun to see all my created sims interact with each other, mainly because I like to create families with high contrast and with humor tendencies (on this, the emotion system will help a lot, I believe)!

  • In the sims 4 I am most excited to play with the children, because I saw how the emotions affect everyone, even children have these little interactions, like cry in bed. In one gameplay video I saw the mother give birth and because there was a new baby in the house, the older child felt left out. And then you can go and cheer them up and talk to them about it. It really helps create a family story. My main focus in the sims games were always families and making trough as many generations as possible, because it was fun seeing different stories, but emotions will help me create an even bigger feeling of a family. Too bad the teenagers look no different than young adults, because i really liked playing with teens, because they were really fun. I am also excited about careers, because i found the careers in previous games too easy, I mean, it was too easy to get a promotion. I hope in the sims 4 careers are a little more challenging. I also hope they are fun and a little unpredictable at times, like with the pop-up questions and everything. In general I really want to explore the family life and everything that goes with it. And sorry for my english!

  • I’m most impressed with the cooking in The Sims 4. I love the various interactions the Sims have with the bottles, pans, oven and oh, that chopping with the wicked knife.
    It’s nice to see the call to meal action and the Sims sitting down together chatting over their dinner, while drinking something as well. The food looks a little too good – makes me want to eat some of that gourmet stuff they prepare. It’s also fun to watch how an “okay” gourmet meal isn’t appreciated and that they want its quality improved. It doesn’t take long to improve, though.
    It’s fun to watch the Sims roll some of the cooking equipment across their arms and across their neck, down to the other hand. I think I enjoy just watching them cook as much as any feature of the game.
    Slamming the fridge is part of the cooking cycle when a Sim in angry, and it adds a lot of fun to the game for me.
    Also part of the cooking routine is watching them open that beautiful see-through fridge door.
    The cooking aspect adds depth to the game that has surprised and delighted me.
    Thank you for your contest!

  • The feature I’m most excited for is emotions. I love the fact sims can now die because of humiliation, embarrassment, etc. I would most likely experiment with those emotions with my sims, and see how they influence their actions.

  • I am most excited about the build rooms. Being able to make rooms and houses in secs is amazing. Skies the limit. I can’t wait for my Sims to swim on their balcony over looking the water. Yaaa infinity pools

  • Hi! I’m really excited for every single feature, but if i had to pick on i’d have to say the build mode. I play on making a house that is so amazing. No joke i’ve never been patient enough to sit down and create a real beauty, but with all these cool new ways of making it easier i will totally make a not so horrible shack! Thanks for listening to me!

  • Hi! I’m really excited for every single feature, but if i had to pick on i’d have to say the build mode. I play on making a house that is so amazing. No joke i’ve never been patient enough to sit down and create a real beauty, but with all these cool new ways of making it easier i will totally make a not so horrible shack! Thanks for listening to me! 🙂

  • Having always been an avid collector of all things’The Sims’ I am very interested in seeing how the latest game compares to those that have gone before. In particular I am most looking forward to trying out the new building tools. Having seen some amazing creations from very talented builders on the gallery it seems to have heaps of potential. I would love to ‘attempt’ to build my special sims somewhere awesome to live.

  • I’m most excited for the skills and attempting to master them all again with one sim before their time is up as well as making a set of twins to hit every job branch in the game.