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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator – Live Stream 25th May

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims just had a live stream to show off their newest The Sims 4 Game Pack that will be releasing June 1st!
So lets highlight some of the things that came by during the stream.
I won’t be showing everything, as we will do a more in depth review before the packs comes out, so keep your eye on that if you want to see all things CAS or all the Build/Buy objects.

Free Patch

But first, there were also a few things that won’t be coming with the pack alone, but will be released with the free patch on May 27th.

Likes and Dislikes

Some sort of attraction system has been requested for so long, or likes and dislikes to give Sims more personality.
This does not add attraction, but your Sims will like activities, colours, styles, and if you have the pack, decor more. OR hate them.
There are 2 ways to get Likes. Add them in CAS, where you can choose up to 20 like and dislikes. Or during game play you can get pop ups that ask if your Sims perhaps LIKES doing a activity.

Likes and Dislikes are not set in stone though, you can change them at any time in CAS, there is even a button for it in the personality tab if you’re in live mode and want to switch things then.

New Haircolours

It had been announced during one of the Inside Maxis streams that we will get some additional hair colours in an upcoming patch. This patch will be that upcoming patch.

Bunkbeds fix

This patch will also have the bunkbed fix, so after Thursday you should be able to place double beds, desks, dressers, sofas and probably much more under your bunkbeds! Finally.

Dream Home Decorator

I actually don’t even know where to begin, there is so much! They showed quite a lot during the stream, but not even all, we haven’t seen everything from Build Buy and we only saw 1 type of gig for the career.
So lets just start there, with the career.


The career has 10 levels and if you’re a higher level decorator, your Sim will get more perks and abilities for their gigs. Gigs are the jobs you can do as a decorator, and they have 4 different categories. Room Renovation, Room Addition, Level Addition and Level Renovation. And this is not just for residential lots – your Sim will be able to renovate community lots as well, like vet clinics (if you have the appropriate pack for that, of course!)
Not all those categories will be available when you just start out as a decorator, so you have to work on your career to unlock them.

Note that the gig picker shows you which household the gig is for, so if there are households you don’t want changed, you can see that from the gig picker and not take that gig. (This is very handy for Simmers who do rotational gameplay!)

Gigs start at 9am and have an end time as well, 9pm. So be sure to complete the renovation before that (game pauses during build mode, don’t worry).
You will get a budget for the renovation or addition, and the Client will have likes and dislikes they would like to see in their house.

There are also a few steps you can to take before you complete the gig, of course do the renovation, but also take some before and after photos and talk to the client to find out their likes and dislikes.

When you’ve entered build mode, a new window pops up in the top left corner, that’s where you can see specifics of the gig. Their preferences, but also the restrictions the gig might have (tile count, area etc).
To help you along, and you don’t know what a certain style is in Build mode, you can also click on the specific like (or dislike, we’re not judging you, but the client will) and the matching items in build mode will be filtered out.

Once you’ve done your reno, you can call the client back and host a reveal event. It’s like a mini event where your Sim will first guide the client to the front door, to build up to the reveal, and the client will walk around with their eyes closed until they get to the the area/items you’ve changed.

But not only that, you also took before and after photos and of course you didn’t do that for nothing. There is a small reveal ‘video’ that will show them side by side to show how much has changed.

The Client will walk around and assess what you have done and judge it. And when they are ready a little check mark will appear above their head, and they will give you their verdict.

If their verdict is good, and you’ve done lots of things well, your reputation will also go up. And once your reputation rises, you will get more requests also from friends, and even celebrities (if you have Get Famous) (how this exactly works, we will figure out before the review..)


There are quite a few different items in this pack; the team explained they tried to add items to almost every category, so you can use them in your renovations.
Like more bunk beds, there are 4 new bunk beds that come with this pack.


They didn’t show a lot of Build/Buy, but they did show some new features coming with it. 2 full kitchen sets in terms of counters are added which can also be used to mix and match.
One of the new items is a separate stove top, there are even two of them, and because that is separate, the oven is also separate. There are 2 under the counter ovens and 2 on the counter ovens.

The counter top ovens can also be used in dorms!

But there is also something else, they have expanded on the snapping of furniture together. When you search “modular” in the search bar in Build/Buy, you will filter out all the modular items that will match together that you can use to create complete entertainment sets (there are TV stands, even wall mounted ones) and walk in closets (the clothes are usable as a dresser).

Sectional Sofas

2 new styles of sectional sofas will be added with this pack. When you click on the different swatches you can also click on the gear to expand the options to ‘advance’ build your own sectional sofas. If you’re not feeling that, you can also have “Auto Sofas on” and it will act just like kitchens and bunk beds, and snap into an appropriate shape/place.
Additionally, there is also a button to select ‘single’ items for that style, so you can also add a single chair that will match with your sofa.

Play tent

Kids and toddlers also get a new item, a play tent, with 4 swatches. They can sleep in it, play in it, and adults can ‘scare them’ from the outside. Pets can also sleep in the play tent, but can’t be directed to sleep there.

Alright, a whole bunch of information, and I probably still missed things from the live stream.
If you want to see the live stream (again) yourself, you can do that here: Twitch VOD
And be sure to share with us on Twitter or Facebook if you see anything new. Or if you’re just excited about something (or not, that’s ok too) Either way, we want to hear what you think!

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