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The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle: CAS Preview

Written by moza

EA was kind enough to give us an early access review code through the EA Game changers program.

Our views are our own. We hope you find them helpful in deciding whether to buy this pack.

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle is a big pack – far too big to cover in just one post – so over the next few days we will be doing posts that cover the various aspects of the pack.

Overall, the style of clothing and hair for Eco Lifestyle is what you would expect from the name: relaxed, casual and edging towards the bohemian.  And there’s a lot of it!  The Adult Female section alone includes 20 tops, 6 full body outfits, 15 bottoms and 12 hairs.  The male sections is similarly full.  There are also new items for toddlers and children, including some adorably age appropriate paper bag hats!

The three video clips below, and the selection of Styled Outfits in the image above, show what’s included.

One of my favourite things to look at with the content of any new pack, is how well it blends with existing content – can you make a seamless outfit from across packs, or do some items stick out like a sore thumb?  The good news with this pack is that everything does mix well.  There’s a lot of denim, and a number of pieces that can be dressed up or down.  There’s also several pairs of relaxed bottoms for both male and female styling that will be getting added to my pyjama collections!

Overall, CAS gets a definite thumbs up! Keep watching our feed for more aspects of the pack, which we will post over the coming days.  You can find a list of all posts about The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle here


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