The Sims 4 Expands Gender Customization Options

Since the beginning of The Sims there was never any issue who your Sims could date. Be it male/female, female/female or male/male. But now, with The Sims 4, Maxis is taking a step forward.
The Sims now allows your Sims to wear any clothes! No matter if they are considered male or female!

Want a female sim with a new short hair cut, go do it. Male sim with pretty wavy hair? Go for it!

The Sims wanted to give us the ability to play the game to its full creativity, be able to express your self and be to identify ourselves with our Sims. And I think this is a great step towards that!


Update your game today to get this new feature in your game! Over 700 CAS items are now available for both male and female sims!

Source: The Sims Blog

Author: Lebanna

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