The Sims 4 – For Rent Expansion – Reveal Trailer

Written by deagh

Sul Sul Simmers!  The reveal trailer and blog post for The Sims 4’s upcoming expansion pack – For Rent – was released today.   We’ve had a look at it – you can too by heading over to The Sims Youtube Channel or check it out below!

There’s quite a bit of information in this trailer and blog!  First of all, your Sims can now be property owners!  They’ll have tenants, and the landlord Sims will have to deal with maintaining the property, or properties!  We can build multiple types of multi-Sim dwellings, such as duplexes, apartments, and more!  And we will be able to build them in any world, not just the new one!

The property they showed us in the trailer, Ro Kaya Rockside, also showcases some of the new build/buy options and the general feel of the world, Tomarang, which is inspired by Southeast Asia.  The new decor and food also have a Southeast Asian theme.

There seems to be an area with shops and market stalls, like in the City Living expansion, but continuing the Southeast Asian theme.

And there will be new aspirations, new traits, new events such as a potluck, new challenges such as insect infestations, and, of course, what would an expansion pack be without a new death?


I, for one, am really looking forward to being able to build additional multi-Sim dwellings.  I don’t know about the rental property management aspect, but I’ll almost certainly have at least one Sim do it, just to see what it’s all about.

The For Rent expansion releases on December 7th.  If you purchase the For Rent Expansion Pack anytime from November 2 to January 18, you’ll have access to the Street Eats Digital Content, which allows you to bring the night market flavor home with a grill cart, street umbrella and fruit basket.

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