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The Sims 4 Get Famous

Written by Annabelli_22

It’s now officially here, the announcement of The Sims 4 Get Famous!
And it will release on 16 November 2018 on PC/Mac

It’s now officially here, the announcement of The Sims 4 Get Famous, releasing on 16 November 2018 on PC/Mac

Get Famous

This pack revolves around getting famous! (Hence the name, of course…)
You can do this with the new career in acting, or by becoming an influencer, but you can also claim fame in your current career! Host VIP parties, decorate your house with gold furniture (who doesn’t want a gold toilet, right?!) and live the lavish lifestyle your Sim has always dreamed of.
Being famous is not all glitter and glamour though, and the more famous you get, the more attention you’ll get from your starstruck fans. Becoming rich and famous can be unpredictable.


The sparkling, bustling acting career will be coming with The Sims Get Famous, where your Sims can join the active career. Keep up with social media, practice acting and joining a talent agency. The bigger your bank account gets, the more “awesomeness” you unlock – we look forward to finding out just what kind of “awesomeness” that is!
You can join your Sim as they embark on their acting career. Follow them to acting gigs on the Plumbob Pictures studio lot, and act in an award-winning performance.

New world

This pack will also bring with it a brand new world! Del Sol Valley is the home of the A-listers, the up-and-comers and of course, everyone else. There are 2 areas, Mirage Park in the flatlands, where you’ll find the more modestly priced homes, and The Pinnacles, high up in the hills – perfect for the rich and famous!
There’s also a nightclub, park and some other venues, but they won’t let just any Sim in there, your Sim has to make sure they’re on the list.


There are of course some new items as well! We’ve seen a hair and make up chair, where your Sims will be transformed, and many more things to discover.
Also, look for some familiar faces in the trailer! We think you might recognise a few!
We are super excited for this pack and can’t wait to know more about it. Check out the trailer below!


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