The Sims 4 Get Together: Rule The Dance Floor Official Trailer

Written by moza

Release date is getting closer, and today brings us a new The Sims 4: Get Together trailer, looking at the nightlife options, and introduces the Spinmasters club.

There’s a lot of info in a short clip, but as wells as the Spinmasters, we learn there’s a new Dance Machine trait, and the DJ booth and skill are back.  Improving this skill allows you to play more types of music, and to pump up the crowd.  Personally, I’m hoping this means rock clubs as well as dance!

The Spinmasters club lot showcases a new dance floor, and we can see the group doing the latest version of the Smustle!  You can also challenge other sims to a dance off… Now, where did I put my Zoolander sim?

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