The Sims 4 Get Together update

It’s been a while since we last heard something new on The Sims 4 Get Together.
But it’s finally here! A new blog post.


I’ve highlighted a few things from the post here.

The release date is known! December 8th for the US and later that same week for the rest of the world! (Most likely December 10th for the UK and Europe)
This is later than the first announcement where they said it would be released in November. Their explanation for this is that they delayed the release date to add in extra depth and more features. So that is good! A more fuller and complete expansion is what we want.
Though a little disappointing it is coming later, it is not something new in gaming world to happen.



Features that are getting more depth are the group hangs. Groups can have their own special hang out they can call their own. The Upper Crusts should have a private room at the local Café, and the Spin Masters should be able to have an exclusive Discotheque where they practice their dance moves. For example.

Further more there will be a new board game. “Don’t wake the Llama!”.
The natural pools will have a natural kind of diving board! A rock Sims can jump off from. I’m especially excited about this! I love the idea of natural pools, and this does sound like a neat new item.

More news will be coming early November, so we still have to wait a little longer for more news!

Author: Lebanna

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