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The Sims 4 – Guru Garage – 3 May 2019

Written by deagh

Sul Sul, Simmers! On Friday, May 3rd, SimGuruMorgan, SimGuruGraham, and SimGuruChowder held a Guru Garage where they talked a bit about the Freelancer career, which was free content added in the April patch. If you’d like to watch the stream in its entirety you can find it on The Sims Twitch channel, but if you haven’t time to watch the entire stream – it’s nearly two hours long – we’ve summarized it for you!

The SimGurus called this episode “Season 1.5” of the Guru Garages, and hinted that in “Season 2” of the Guru Garages there would be some more information regarding the upcoming expansion, game, and stuff packs (one of each) that will be released in the next six months, so we will definitely be on the lookout for those!

SimGuruGraham also said, in response to a question in the chat about whether Freelancer was coming to the console version, that generally the updates to the PC version of the game do make it to the console version within a few months. So while he didn’t confirm that Freelancer is coming to console, he did hint that it was in the works.

The gurus had a contest between SimGuruMorgan and SimGuruChowder to see who could create the most accurate version of Sue D. Nym, who, was the freelancer Sim who was “hired” to write the patch notes that introduced the freelancer career. SimGuruGraham did create her (she can be seen in the picture that comes up in the job list screen when your Sim looks for work on the phone or PC) and he was describing her to SGMorgan and SGChowder. SGMorgan had the advantage as she was using CAS, while SGChowder was confined to using paper and colored pencils. SGChowder stated several times that he is “not an artist” so I think he did really well!

They spent more than half the stream on this contest, but I must confess I learned a lot about CAS during that hour. I had no idea you could adjust the size of Sim irises and pupils, for example. if you’re CAS challenged, like I am, it might be worth it to you to watch that part of the stream.

Once they had their version of Sue D. Nym, they created two more Sims (so they’d have an artist, a writer, and a programmer) and spent a little time looking at the career itself. SimGuruChowder was the designer on the career and SimGuruGraham was the producer, and they shared that there are over 25,000 words of text in the career. There are many different gigs in each of the three career tracks, and then there’s the moodlets and the messages for when your Sims’ work is accepted (or rejected!) so this does not surprise me at all. You can tell that a lot of work went into this career, and it’s amazing that it’s a free update.

The SimGurus concluded the stream by reminding us that next Tuesday at 11am PST (7pm BST) there will be a Maxis Monthly on The Sims’ Twitch Channel where SimGuruLyndsay will be interviewing SimGuruDuke, who is the new Senior Producer for The Sims 4.

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