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The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit review

Written by moza

The latest The Sims 4 kit landed this week – The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit – and thanks to EA Game Changers, we received a code to review the kit.

With 26 items, it’s the largest kit to date, and includes living and bedroom furniture, along with a window and a couple of doors.  The official descriptions is:

Embrace reclaimed architectural design with The Sims™
4 Industrial Loft Kit*
, inspired by the converted
warehouses of Brooklyn, New York. Oversized windows,
exposed hardware, and sturdy statement pieces
highlight the beauty of raw materials and unfinished

So, let’s start with the elephant in the room.  The advertising for the pack prominently featured a window that people quickly realised wasn’t in the pack.  The one in the image above is included instead.  This was brought up on socials, and we received the following official response:

So, what do we get?  A range of wooden and steel item, that come in a variety of neutral/earthy tones, designed to evoke loft apartments and spaces.  They’re also tagged with the same humour and easter eggs we’ve come to expect!

Overall, I’d say this is probably my favourite kit so far, and I can see myself using some of the items in a lot of builds. The pictures show the range of items in the pack and the available colour swatches.  I love the faded paint wall decor, which comes in 3 designs, each with 5 colourways.  (Wall and floor are from the base game and not part of the pack)

My one complaint would be that the stats of for the bed seem low compared to other similarly priced items.  For §1200 the bed in the pack – although it looks awesome – only has an energy of 1, with no other stats.  Compare that to the Selene bed from the Realm of Magic pack, which costs the same but has Energy of 5, Stress Relief of 2 and Discomfort Relief of 2.  I know which one I’d rather put my sims in for a good night’s sleep!

Although the focus is on living spaces, I can also see this working really well for a coffee shop themed lot – bare brick walls, exposed pipes and slouchy sofas.

I know kits weren’t the most popular announcement, but I feel like they’re getting into their stride and, had I not received a code, I would be happy to spend the money for the kit, I think it provides good value for the money.

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