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The Sims 4 Laundry Day review

Written by Annabelli_22

The Sims 4 Laundry Day stuff pack has started out as a community driven stuff pack. We have seen a lot of the development than went in to the pack, had votes on items, style and clothing.
The name was chosen by the community as well as the logo. And now the day is finally near, the release of this community driven stuff pack.
EA was kind enough to give us a review code so we are able to show you what is in the pack before you buy it.

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This stuff pack was obviously geared towards laundry, so there aren’t many clothing items for your sims. But what is there, it’s well done and not too specific, that means it’s easy to mix and match with other packs and base game.

Females have 2 new hairstyles, both up-dos (don’t want your hair in the way when you do laundry, do you?),
5 shirts, 1 trousers and 1 full body set. A pair of socks and 2 new shoes.
Males get 3 new shirts, 2 trousers, a hairstyle.
Kids get a new shirt and for girls a new full body outfit
Nothing for toddlers in this pack


The theme of this pack is “rustic” and of course, laundry.
There are a few new chairs, a wicker sofa, coffeetable, storage items/shelves.
But the topper (for me) of the regular items, is the 6 seat round table. That can work for both indoor as outdoor.
Of course there’s the laundry items as well, but more on that below.

To make it easier for people that don’t really build, or just because it’s easier, there are a few styled rooms as well.
There is a living room type of room, a laundry room obviously, 2 different styles, and an outside area with the clothing line


For a stuff pack, this pack has a lot of gameplay items as well. A washing machine and dryer, with lots of colour options. A hand wash tub for cheaper washing and a clothing line to dry your clothes and of course hampers

Once you place one of the laundry items on your lot, the clothes of your Sim will start to get dirty and every time they change clothes, it will either go into the hamper, or become a pile of clothes on the floor.

Clothing piles have different stages. Pristine, clean, filthy or used. They can also be wet or dry.
Slobs will most likely put their clothes on the floor instead of in the hamper and if you don’t have a hamper the clothes will also be dropped on the floor.

Wearing clean, or filthy, clothes give some moodlets, happy for wearing pristine clothing, fine from dry clothing or uncomfortable for dirty clothes.
You can influence this by adding additives to the water or washing machine. If your Sim has food or flowers in their inventory, they can add that as an additive, each with their own results

Kids can also do the laundry, which is an added bonus. And if you also have parenthood installed, it will add to their responsibility.
Toddlers can’t do laundry, because well, they’re toddlers. But they can play with the water in the hand wash tub.


As a whole, the pack is really well done and very full for new gameplay items. I personally wasn’t really looking forward in doing the laundry in The Sims, but because I also like to build realistic houses, I like that I can now add laundry rooms and clothing lines.

The CAS items are nice, although not a lot. The build buy items are cohesive in style, though like with every pack, I miss the ability to match the items with items from other pack, the colours never really match. What I am a little sad about, is that the hampers that we already had with basegame, didn’t get an update either and become functional, so beware that you don’t place those thinking it will trigger the laundry in your household.

What I do think is positive, is that if you don’t own any of the laundry items in your household (hamper, washer/dryer/clotheline etc) then the clothes will not get dirty and you don’t need to clean up dirty piles of laundry nor do the laundry. So for the people that do like the items, but aren’t really up to add chores for their Sims, then that is totally possible.

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