The Sims 4 Patch Update – October 2016

Written by moza

In anticipation of The Sims 4: City Living being released next week, the latest patch has been released, updating your game to Version on PC ( on Mac).

As well as the usual round up of fixes, the patch introduces Lot Traits for all builds, with further traits coming with the expansion pack.

Lot Traits for All

You can set these to lots you upload to the gallery, and change them on lots you download.

For builders, they’ve also added a new “copy” option for roofs, stairs and rooms.


Digging round for hidden goodies, there’s a new skin tone and, we think, a new outfit.  Someone needs the after sun lotion, ouch!


In anticipation of the new vegetarian trait, food now has a tool tip, letting you know if it’s safe to eat.


As ever there’s the usual list of fixes for problems you’d notices, and a few you hadn’t.  The full list can be found here, and as ever is worth a read for the humour!

Now, who’s ready for City Living!


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