The Sims 4 Seasons – Autumn and Winter

Written by BlackGarden

It’s just got cold over on EA’s website as they published a new blog with details about how you can expect autumn and winter to shape up in your Sims’ lives.

First off, the calendar! More talk of the calendar which will include all the upcoming holidays, with traditions to complete for each one. It’ll also show your household schedule – when your Sims have to go to work, when your Sims’ birthdays fall, with predicted weather conditions as well, so you can really plan ahead.

Harvestfest, which sounds very much like a US or Canadian style Thanksgiving festival, falls in autumn. The blog mentions scarecrows again, who might appear during autumn to crash the party.

Winterfest sounds like a gift-giving festival, similar to Christmas. Obviously a variety of decorations will be included to make this festival into whatever you’d like it to be!

Outdoor activities are mentioned in this blog. Let’s start with what you all want to hear – your Sims can woohoo in a pile of leaves. Crikey. In less risqué activities, you’ll be able to go ice skating, and play in the snow, making snow angels and so forth. But be careful – a new death in this pack will be dying of the cold – so don’t play too long!

Just over a week left until you can get your hands on this one – the pack releases on June 22nd!

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