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The Sims 4 Simtimates Collection Kit

Written by moza

The newest The Sims 4 Kits launched this week, and thanks to the EA Creators’ Network, we got a chance to have a look.  This post will focus on the CAS based The Sims 4 Simtimates Collection Kit.

The official description of the pack is as follows:

Set the mood with fun and flirty loungewear from The Sims™ 4 Simtimates Collection Kit*. Your Sims will put the ‘woo’ in Woohoo with charming looks featuring lace, straps, and silhouettes that flatter every body. Add confidence to your Sims’ closets with bedroom styles inspired by today’s fashion trends.

They’ve also worked with MeUndies, to include “create styles that look good on a variety of body types.”  Just in time for Valentine’s Day next month, too!

So, let’s set our expectations, it’s a Kit.  It’s a small collection of items for £4.99/$4.99.  And I’ve been thinking on these.  I know there’s a lot of complaints, but price and size wise, these are comparable to a lot of sets from The Sims 3 Store.  So, my only real surprise is that they didn’t release these sooner!

This Kit is a collection of underwear-based items, coded for teens and upwards.  There’s a mix between masculine and feminine styles and as always you can swap between these for any given sim.  There are a good range of styles, from casual to bridal and nightwear.

I’ve recorded a quick video run through of the options below.

Now, one of my key points of interest in any pack is how versatile is it – how well does it fit with other packs and my play style in general.  The answer here, is very.  Several of the item will fit in well as swimwear as well as underwear, while others will work as fitness clothing.  one of the tops might even work as part of a party outfit for some of your more daring Sims!

For something that costs about the equivalent of a fancy coffee, this is a fun, versatile pack.

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