The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Teaser Images – Explained!

Before Gamescom and Simscamp we were given 8 teaser images that hint at themes in The Sims 4.  Below you will see what the images probably mean!

Teaser Image #1


Create  A Sim, clothing/fashion selection. Might even be related to emotions being linked to clothing.

Teaser Image #2


Recreating this screenshot from The Sims 4: TS4_Live_2

It shows the different reactions a painting can give to Sims with different emotions I believe.

Teaser Image #3


There is a punching bag in The Sims 4! An angry Sim is more effective at building up his/her athletic Skill than without the anger emotion. It also calms them down.

Teaser Image #4


Look how @SimGuruShannon (I believe!) can hold a cup in her left AND right hand!

Teaser Image #5


This pictures hint at premium edition extra content.


Teaser Image #6


There was no discussion actually about energy drinks, but it hints at partying till you drop and an energy drink can help! Life of the party digital content maybe?

Teaser Image #7


In Create a Sim you can change the size of the Sims’ waist and arm (and many more body parts!)

Teaser Image #8


Create a Sim is all about sculpting your Sim now instead, you push/pull different parts of the Sim to create the Sim you want.


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