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The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Announced

Written by moza

Less than a week into the new year, and we’ve got a, well, a TINY announcement for The Sims 4!  The next Stuff Pack – Tiny Living Stuff – will be out on 21st January!

Ever get fed up of those massive mansions on 64×64 lots, where they’ve missed work by the time they reach the door?  Now’s your chance for something different!

Tiny Living Stuff introduces a new lot type: Tiny Home Residential, with a maximum footprint of 100 tiles!  Of course, you can still build it on a 64×64 lot if you choose – just means you’ll have lots of room for landscaping!  If fitting everything into a 10×10 square is too much of a challenge, it does look like you can build upwards for a little more room.

No word from the trailer if we get new lot buffs, but the trailer talks about “small”, “tiny” and “micro” homes, offering lower bills, boosts to relationships, and a bonus to comfort.

From the brief glimpses we get in the trailer, the furniture I could see had a modular appearance – looked built in, rather than stand alone pieces.  There’s at least one single tile desk, which I can’t wait to drop into practically every Sim home I have – and the Murphy bed is back!  Of course, we all remember what happened with those in previous games!  (And, in a case of life imitates art, even Disney World has trouble with these!)  SimGuru Ninja had this to say on the subject:

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff releases on PC and Mac on 21st January, and consoles 4th February.  Which, as they’ve pointed out, is the 20th Anniversary of The Sims franchise!  Who’s been playing since day 1?

If you can’t wait until then to start with the tiny homes, SimGuru Frost has a challenge for you!

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