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The Sims franchise to develop “global licensing program” for branded products

Written by deagh

Ever wanted a Sims shirt?  Mouse pad?  Those things do exist, but sometimes can be hard to find.  But what about a novel about what happened to Bella Goth?  A figurine of the cow plant?  Well, we might just be getting some of those things, as The Sims franchise has appointed a licensing agent, Brandgenuity, to develop a “global licensing program” for branded products.

What does this mean?  According to an article on License Global, “Brandgenuity will collaborate with “The Sims” franchise to extend the brand’s reach across various lifestyle categories, such as apparel, accessories, collaborations, collectibles, games and publishing.”  I suspect it is a bit early for them to get into specifics of what that entails, but based on that list I suspect we will get clothing and figurines at a minimum, and it does seem possible that a Sims novelization is not out of the question.

The first Sims game, The Sims, was released 23 years ago, so Simmers have been asking for Sims themed products for a very long time.  Brandgenuity states that it hopes to cater to “its diverse and engaged Gen Z and millennial fanbase”.  While I do want to note that apparently-forgotten-again Gen X is also a part of that fanbase, I do agree with the diverse and engaged part.  In my 23 years of play Sims games I have met people, both online and in person, from all walks of life, and all over the world.

Hopefully Brandgenuity takes that into account, and brings a plethora of cool and useful Sims-themed products to simmers all over the world.  We’ll have to wait and see what they come up with!

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