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The Sims has adopted a bee for us! We’re paying it forward

Written by deagh

The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle has given Sims the ability to affect their world for be better.  We can do the same for our world.  Honeybees and wild bees around the world are struggling.  These hard workers are absolutely essential to our survival – they pollinate about a third of the plants that we eat.  Without them, we would starve.  So we all need to do our part to figure out what is causing the bees to die off and then come up with a solution to save them.

To that end, The Sims and Maxis have adopted some bees through the World Wildlife Fund.  This symbolic adoption provides support to conservation efforts.  One of the bees was in our name as we are part of the Game Changers Program.  Thank you, The Sims and Maxis!  We are paying this forward by also adopting a bee through the World Wildlife Fund.

We’re naming it General Buzz.  The General approves.


Would you like to help as well?  Please consider donating, but that is not the only thing you can do. There are other ways to help the bees, things that almost anyone can do!  If you have the ability to grow even a few plants – a window box outside or even the tiniest bit of yard or garden – you can grow bee friendly plants!  Find out what plants bees in your area like – The Honeybee Conservancy has a good article to use as a starting point – and get planting!

The bees are not the only critters that need our help.  Habitat loss means that zoos are arks, keeping species alive in the hopes that in the future we can return animals to their natural setting.  They also educate people in the importance of conservation.  The Covid 19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world’s zoos.  Without visitors and the revenue they generate, zoos and wildlife parks are struggling to keep their staff employed and their animals fed.  Zoos are beginning to reopen, but they will not have the attendance numbers they had pre-Covid, so they will still need our help.  If you are able, please consider donating to your local zoo or wildlife park.  For us here at Platinum Simmers, that is the Woodland Park Zoo, the Chester ZooWildlands Emmen and the Royal Burger’s Zoo. Any one of these zoos would be thankful for your donation, or you can check online to find a zoo or wildlife park near you.

We can all do our part to make not just the Sim world, but also the real world, a little bit better place.  Thank you.

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