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[Original June 4 2013] When The Sims 4 was announced about a month ago we made a Timeline to show the times between The Sims – The Sims 4 announcement. Many people asked us to make timelines to show every expansion pack release, so here they are! We decided not to include any of the console, MySims, mobile or web-browser versions of The Sims – the full timeline would be even longer then!

[Update Feb 1 2015] As The Sims 4 is 15 years old this month it was time for an update and to give The Sims 4 its very own timeline!

The Sims 1


The Sims 1 had 7 Expansion Packs

The Sims 2



The Sims 2 had 8 Expansion Packs and 10 Stuff Packs (Though the Happy Holiday Stuff pack was similar to Holiday Party Pack with a little bit more content)

 The Sims 3


The Sims 3 had 11 Expansion Packs and 9 Stuff Packs. Updating this timeline made me remember the Epic-Blackout period of no The Sims 4 news that we had from Sept 2013 to Spring 2014.

The Sims 4



So far The Sims 4 has only had 1 Game Pack an Expansion Pack is rumoured to be released in April-July 2015

Full Timeline

Note this full timeline is about 6200 pixels wide! Save it to your PC to make sure you can see it all. 

By Request a vertical Timeline for Pinterest Lovers!


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  • I donno, kinda makes me sad that they’re going so darn fast. i wish they’d slow down… i never had time to enjoy Sims2 and i barley remember The Sims[i was pretty young] so now i wish they’d slow down on Sims3 simply because its the first one of their games i bought when it first came out and have been keeping up with…i LOVE the game, its so much fun…but now Sims 4 is coming out and i know me…and i know i’ll buy it…but i probably wont play until Expansion comes out..but all i’m saying is…they need to slow down for goodness sake… now i feel like its only for money. but i do love the timeline…nice to see everything all laid out!