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The Sims Medieval Trading Guide


One of the things with the biggest learning curves that I found in the game is trading, the merchant does need to do this for a few responsibilities so I thought a guide would be useful.

This guide shows how to get wood for one of the merchant responsibilities.

1) Get 2 mushrooms or 1 cheese from the village shoppe

2) Go to the docks

3) Click on the boat and open the cargo hold

4) Put the mushrooms or the cheese in the cargo hold

5) Click on the boat again and sail to crafthole

6) When you are back, open the cargo hold again and remove the wood

7) You can now finish the responsibility by clicking on the sim to deliver the wood.

Trading items for money

Every territory mentions on the territory map that they import certain things. Like for example, Tredony imports Herbs and Seeds.

This means that besides trading items like cheese for wood, you can trade for money. The lists below show what each territory will trade.

Increase Profit

There are three ways for your merchant to increase profit when selling an item.

The easiest method is by giving your merchants the haggler trait, this decreases cost of everything they buy with 20%.

The second method is to have your merchant investigates todays hot items in the village shoppe and then acquire those either by trading, in the shoppe or purchasing from other sims. The items that are hot that day will sell for (much) more money than usual.

The last method is improving your merchants level, every level increases profit margin. However it is not sure yet by how much the profit margin increases for every level. As soon as we have that figured out this guide will be updated.

Import/export list

These are the resources each territory will trade for, some of the territories can only be unlocked by spending RP and forming alliances with them. This is done by going to the territory map and clicking on the beige areas surrounding the kingdom. Then at the right top there is a telescope that you can use to form an alliance.


To easily figure out how many items you have to trade to get something, check out The Sims Medieval Tradinator


Imports: Swords

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Magic Powder (3)Prisoner
Jeweled Ring (3)Tablet of the Watcher
Watched Water (2)Excalipaddle



Imports: Armors

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
adamantale (6)Precise Scimiter
Tablet for the WatcherAdvortan Scale
Darkstone (3)Unicorn Horn



Imports: Medical Supplies

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Curdium (2)Scrap Metal
Magic PowderStrong Health Salve
Mysterious Machine part (3)Unicorn Meat



Imports: Mineral and Ores

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Mushroom (2)Wood
Wildflowers (6)Goose Feather
Nightshade (3)Goose Feather
Magic PowderLuck Powder
Mysterious Machine PartSteel Hammer



Imports: Meats

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Tablet of the Watcher (3)Magical Staff
Darkstone (2)Flame Sword Enchantment



Imports: Fruits and Vegatables

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Boar MeatSausage
Bear MeatSausage
Fowl (5)Sausage
Rabbit Meat (2)Sausage
Watched Water (5)Darkstone
Unicorn Meat (5)Mystical Metal Fragment



Imports: Fish

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Wood (5)Sleeping Draught
Goose FeatherMithral
Tablet of the Watcher (2)Darkstone



Imports: Crystals and Stones

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Goose Feather (3)Combustion Cordial
Magic Powder (4)Mysterious Machine Part



Imports: Herbs and Seeds

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Barley (6)Gems
Fancy ClothingGems
Phosporous (2)Magic Powder
Goose Feather (3)Jeweled ring
PrisonerSturdy Lute



Imports: Poisons

Resource (Export)Item (Import)
Wood (2)Fancy Clothing
Mithral (6)Staff of the Watcher
Goose Feather (5)Watched Water
PrisonerWatcher’s Blade