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The Sims Mobile rolled out worldwide this week, after a long soft launch period.
And with more and more people playing in different countries and languages, we see a lot of questions about the language the game is installed/played in.

I myself usually play The Sims (on the pc) in English as well, while my main language for other things is Dutch. I play it in English for you, so I can make screenshots for reviews, guides and everything else and I don’t have to guess or ask what the English version said for certain actions, moods, descriptions and what not.

But, with The Sims Mobile, I didn’t have the option to select English, which results me having the Dutch version installed on my phone.
Why is this, well the exact why I don’t know, but the language gets selected automatically by your phone. So whatever language you have for the main operating system, that is the language the game chooses.

Changing Settings

To change the language of your game, you have to change the language setting of your device.
How to do that is different for each device, but I will give you a few starters as to where to look.
I’m using an Android phone, Sony Xperia XZ.

Settings > System > Languages & input > Languages

For me I can choose more than 1 language, and just drag the one I want as main setting to the top. The Sims Mobile instantly switches it language in game as well. So no redownloading, no downloading new language files etc. But you do need to change those setting each time you want one or the other.

For iPhone you go to
Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language

I hope we do get a set language in the game at some point, but for now, this will work.

Author: Lebanna

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  1. Sigh… I was hoping that I just missed the setting to change the language in the app somewhere. Obviously I didn’t. ^^
    My native language is German. My English is also not that bad… 🙂 I play a lot of games in English and speak it every day anyway.
    But… since I moved to Belgium just four months ago, I put my phone language in Dutch. So I can learn… ?
    Unfortunately the game is in Dutch now as well and what can I say, my skills aren’t enough for that yet. xD I understand most of it but at some points I just struggle. So what do I do? Change my phone to English? Or back to German? I really don’t want that since I got used to the Dutch settings and such… I really hope EA will let us change the language in the app soon. 😉 Like it is in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. ??

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  2. My iPhone is set to English and on Mubarak sims mobile it says the language is set to English but whatever the Sims are speaking…it by far is not English.
    They truly need a language option.

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    • It’s supposed to say
      “My Sims Mobile “

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    • Hi Denise, if your menus and options are all in English, than the language has been changed correctly. Sims don’t speak any real language, they speak Simlish.

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