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The Sims Next Generation – Project Rene

Written by Annabelli_22

The rumours of there being a The Sims 5 in the works have been persistant for years now.
None of the Sims iterations so far have lasted as long as The Sims 4 has, with 8 years since the launch of The Sims 4.
And while the end of The Sims 4 is not in sight just yet, as they just announced new content coming in Behind The Sims Summit.
They did manage to surprise us with some other sneak peeks.

Project Rene

Maxis is currently working on the next generation of The Sims. In what they call a creative platform, re-imagining The Sims that players know and love.
The working title of this new game is Project Rene. This name was chosen because of it’s reminiscence of words like Renaissance, Renewal, Re-birth.
What they showed was very early in the development, and we should not expect the release for YEARS. This means that we will get some content for The Sims 4 for a while still.

The reason they shared this so early in development, is because they hope to be able to include the community in the development journey.
Let’s recap some of the new things they showed.
And remember, it’s super early, so things are still subject to change.


To be able to play with friends in real time has been requested by many in the community. At the same time, there have been many that really didn’t want it either.
For this next generation game, the option to cooperate together with friends is there.
It is your choice to play alone, or with close friends. But not only that, it’s also across devices.

They show the early game on a pc monitor, but also on a mobile device, both playing in the same room, as you can see on both screens, and the names near the placed items

Build Buy

in the sneak peaks we see some key elements back that many have missed from The Sims 3. The colourwheel! As well as the option to select your own patterns for surfaces.

Additionally to that, they are experimenting with the option to change some elements of the items as well. For the bed you can see changes to the foot board and the sofa has multiple cushion options.

Sharing your builds with others, is also an option. But not just rooms as we know it now in The Sims 4, but you can select an area to upload the combination of furniture.

And some of the items in the catalog as they came by.

Create a Sim and Sims

They have not shown anything on the Sims themselves, or how to create them. But as said before, still early development. SimGuruLyndsay did tell that over the next couple of years they will keep showing us sneak peeks, explorations, behind the scene content and in progress work wit the whole community.

More information

How to get more information about Project Rene. You can sign up for news on as well as follow their social media accounts.
They will be opening up early access to Project Rene software with SMALL groups over a period of time.
Of course we will continue to share news as we find it as well.

We don’t know anything about what type of game form this will be yet. It could be subscription based, free to play with paid in game content, could be “old school” base game with DLC.
Especially with the cross platform capabilities, I think we can expect any form at this point.

Are you excited for Project Rene? Or are you happy with one of the older Sims iterations for now? Let us know! Here or on our socials!

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