The Sims Trivia Quiz – How many can YOU answer?

At The Sims Community Day that took place yesterday at Redwood Shores Studio, the participants took a trivia quiz. Here's that quiz, just for fun – how many can you answer? And no cheating!

Each question you get right is a point. Each death or woohoo place you get right (questions 4 and 9) is one point. On question 1, each answer gives you half a point. How many points will you get? Reply with your answers – put [spoiler]before your answers and [/spoiler] at the end so that your answers are hidden… and don't go peeking at other people's answers!

  • What were the names of the Newbie family that appeared in the original sims?
  • What was the one special thing about the motives of the Newbie family that made them different from everyone else?
  • Where did the beanstalk take you in The Sims Makin' Magic?
  • Name 10 places where you can Woohoo in any of the Sims games
  • In the original the Sims, the enviroment score was called…..?
  • In the Sims 2, who is Nervous Subjects father?
  • How many tombstones are there on the Spector lot?
  • True or False: the Sims 2 Pets has a secret raccoon NPC in homage to the sims unleashed
  • Name 9 ways to die in any of the Sims Series
  • In the Sims 3, if your Sim writes a "flop" novel, where might you find a copy?
  • What are three ways a Sim can cheat death and be spared by the Grim Reaper?
  • What can maul Sims within a mausoleum in the Sunset Valley graveyard? Hint: it's not a ghost
  • What trait was inspired by the television show Arrested Development?

Author: BlackGarden

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